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Anatomy of a Feature Tag

Junde Yu

Quantitatively break down the product features resulting in a game’s success

What is a Feature Tag?

A Feature Tag is a way to categorize apps based on the specific in-app features the game deploys. Currently, over 600 games are tagged and we will continue to increase additional game tagging by our 15 person game analyst team. The Feature Tag Report offers side by side comparison of in-app features so you can deconstruct a game without playing it. This report will help you understand the features that competitors have implemented and how those features have impacted game performance.

How does Feature Tagging help me build the most successful games?

Before Feature Tagging, if a competitor overtook you in user engagement, you would have stopped at the visual level. For example, look at the screenshot below.


Here we can see that Toon Blast has a higher level of engagement than Candy Crush, but we don’t know why. In order to discover which features are contributing to Toon Blast’s higher RPD, the product team would have to download and play the game to see what the differences are. Now with Feature Tagging, we can dive directly into the monetization features Toon Blast and Candy Crush have implemented and compare them.

Why is the Feature Tag report so game-changing?

This enhancement addresses two major concerns product managers face around game development: Confidently knowing which features will increase a game’s success and the time and resources needed to do competitive intelligence around feature implementation.

This report offers insight and granularity into what competitors are doing so you can correlate features, engagement, and performance KPIs, and identify how to respond to trends. This also means you can de-risk your roadmap because you will have a clear understanding of what features will provide lift so you can make decisions based on reliable expected outcomes and build the highest-performing games.

For most product managers, too much time and too many resources are spent discovering and analyzing feature sets and genres for new game development and live operations. Without Feature Tagging, game developers need to download games and manually investigate their features. With this enhancement, you can leverage our AI backbone and expert game analyst team to keep you informed in real-time on new features and trends across all game genres

This level of insight gives publishers a data-driven approach to help their teams focus on what specific features they should be building out to increase retention, monetization and build better performing games.




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November 30, 2021

Mobile Gaming

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