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How Innovation in Hybrid Gaming Genres is the Key to China-HQ’d Companies Going Global on Mobile

In a partnered report, Google and App Annie present new insights on Chinese publishers expanding and succeeding overseas

We partnered with Google to bring to a deep dive on global mobile gaming insights powered by App Annie’s advanced taxonomy, Game IQ. The report focuses on China-headquartered companies looking to take their games overseas and layers in competitive analyses around high-growth gaming subgenres. 

As of H1 2021, China-HQ’d publishers launched 187 new games. Consumer spend grew 47% to reach a leading share of the mobile gaming market at 23%. And there are significant differences in where consumer spend is flowing for subgenres — consumer spend is increasing in less concentrated subgenres like MMORPG, Team Battle, 4x March Battle and Simulation Sports where consumer spend is less concentrated in the top titles. 


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The 51-page report is packed with competitive analysis, subgenre segmentation, matrixes for identifying market opportunities and assessing market competition and deep-dives on publisher opportunities among high-growth gaming subgenres

The report covers 3 key areas crucial to China-HQ’d companies going global in mobile gaming in 2021: 

  • How mobile gaming continues to level up in 2021
  • Which gaming subgenres represent large opportunities for publishers  
  • How innovation and optimization in hybrid models can fuel gaming growth

August 5, 2021

Mobile Gaming

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