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2023 State of Mobile: If It Was Big in 2022, It’s in This Report—Along With Which Trends Should Inform Your Strategy Insights’s annual report uncovers TikTok’s tidal wave, love and lighter wallets in the return to “normal” in 2023

As this industry enters 2023, we are genuinely navigating uncharted waters: the “post-covid” era is upon us as consumers emerge from almost three years of pandemic life. Pent-up demand for travel and real-life experiences are capturing a larger share of wallets as consumers become more comfortable with pandemic life. 

Yet, macroeconomic headwinds bear down on global markets and consumers feel the squeeze of inflation. More than ever, mobile apps are the leading indicator of these shifting consumer behaviors. Our phones and tablets are now appendages of ourselves— often the first port of call for action, reaction, and connection. 

The bright news is demand for mobile apps and games has never been greater, yet we are seeing the first-ever cooling of consumer spend on app stores due to macroeconomic conditions. We enter 2023 at a competitive boiling point: 


  • Peak Daily Usage: Time spent per day has reached 5 hours in the top mobile-first markets.
  • Downloads Boom: Mobile services broke records at 255 billion downloads — with global consumers downloading more than 485,000 apps per minute.
  • Dollars Follow the Eyeballs: Mobile ad spend is on track to hit $362 billion in 2023, after surpassing $336 in 2022 despite tightening marketing budgets. 
  • Wallets Get Lighter: App Stores spend has cooled to $167 billion (-2% YoY) for first time ever due to decline in gaming spend, which was previously bolstered by pandemic conditions; non-gaming mobile services and subscriptions reached record spend.  

While 2023 will be marked by intense mobile-first competition, the year is bright for companies who prioritize a data-informed strategy for growth. Our State of Mobile 2023 Report provides the most comprehensive look at the mobile market today, powered by’s advanced App IQ and Game IQ taxonomies. We show you how to leverage targeted mobile market data to propel your growth and drive mobile-first customer loyalty in 2023.

Read the industry's leading mobile report covering everything you need to know to succeed on mobile in 2023, spanning 12 industries and 30 markets in a dynamic, interactive format covering:


  • How can you compete on a global stage with increasing competition? Six million apps are on the app stores as we head into 2023.
  • Which sectors are bucking the recessionary headwinds and seeing pockets of growth across fintech, shopping, social media, video streaming, travel, health & fitness and more? And how do these vary by country? 
  • Which gaming sectors are hit hardest by the disposable income squeeze? And which are still carving out a share of wallet? 
  • How has financial volatility reshaped consumer appetite for risk? Which sectors are growing, which are declining and which specific apps are topping leaderboards?  
  • Where are Gen Z, Millennials and Baby Boomers opening their mobile wallets? Which app subgenres skew towards each age group?
  • Which apps and games topped the charts spanning over 30 markets across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific? How is consumer demand reflected in 2022’s top apps across downloads, consumer spend and monthly active users?

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January 11, 2023

Market Data

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