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The State of Food & Drink on Mobile 2022 Report: How Can Apps Adapt to Cost-Conscious & Time-Crunched Consumers?

Gabrielle Bikker’s report, Powered by App IQ, illustrates how businesses can meet new mobile-first customer expectations for accessing groceries, drinks and meals.

Mobile is the Battleground for Hungry Customers: What are the Unique Market Opportunities for Food & Drink Providers?

Our latest report unveils the State of Food & Drink on mobile with unprecedented granularity. Powered by App IQ, we dive deep into 7 subgenres including Food Delivery & Carryout, Ultrafast Delivery, Grocery Delivery and more. Our State of Food & Drink report uncovers nuanced insights publishers need to succeed in the new mobile-first food & drink landscape across 20 key markets.

Record Demand for Food & Drink Apps: Where are the High-Growth Mobile Sectors Post-Pandemic?

Demand for mobile-first food services reached a new high in Q1 2022. Global time spent in Food & Drink apps grew 65% YoY. The global growth rate of sessions grew 8x faster than downloads, showing habits formed during peak COVID quarantine periods are more ingrained than ever. Mobile is the battleground for businesses to keep these loyal, repeat customers.

Convenience, cheap food and quick fulfillment are fueling demand in high-growth subgenres: 

  • Food Delivery & Carryout apps remain the largest share of total downloads and sessions of any subgenre among Food & Drink apps with app usage up 30% YoY. 
  • Grocery Delivery apps represented 1 in 4 of all Food & Drink app downloads in Q1 2022. They experienced phenomenal growth at 40% YoY. Engagement grew even faster, total sessions up 70% YoY to 8.6 Billion globally. The new grocery shopping “trip” is app in-hand, and from the couch. Convenience is king.
  • Ultrafast Delivery apps saw the strongest growth YoY at 266% globally — driven by fast movers like Zepto, Getir and Flink. However, Ultrafast Delivery apps only represented 6% of Food & Drink downloads worldwide in Q1 2022. Ample white space remains in this market.

Download the report to dive into which App IQ Food & Drink subgenres have seen the greatest growth and represent areas of opportunity for mobile success.

App Transparency: What Engagement & Monetization Features Power Top Grocery Delivery Apps and Drive Sales?

App IQ’s Feature Tags allow you to go even deeper and compare detailed in-app features. Using Feature Tags in the State of Food & Drink report, we discovered what features are table stakes for Grocery Delivery apps, and what are competitive advantages. 

Albertsons, HelloFresh and Instacart all share the Recurring Order feature.’s data illustrates that this could be a key feature in driving engagement and retention, leading to increased basket sizes and conversions. Compared to its peers, Instacart saw 2x more sessions on average per user than the top 10 grocery delivery apps. More ‘digital foot traffic’ and a large audience (#2 by MAU) can translate to greater sales. Recurring Order is a savvy feature tapping into the convenience customers crave and keeping customers coming back. In fact, HelloFresh saw the highest 30-day retention rate among top grocery delivery apps.

App publishers can leverage App IQ’s Feature Tags to quickly scope the granular features of emerging apps and stay ahead of the competition. Read our report to uncover how engagement and monetization features provide competitive advantages to other Grocery Delivery apps.

Download’s Food & Drink Report Today to Learn How to Adapt to Cost-Conscious, Time-Sensitive and Hungry Consumers:

The State of Food & Drink on Mobile 2022 is your key to winning on mobile. Insights include:

  • Understand the comprehensive Food & Drink market on mobile to put your best foot forward in a market where competition is heating up
  • Uncover which ultrafast delivery, food delivery, and fast food apps Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X/ Baby Boomers prefer and how this factors into optimizing for your target audience
  • Which subgenres have the highest affinity with Grocery Delivery apps and how to optimize for these user preferences to fuel organic growth
  • Discover regional differences in Food & Drink apps — and how to tailor in your go-to-market strategy
  • Follow the rise of Ultrafast Delivery and Grocery Delivery apps and be among the first to learn which apps are poised to disrupt the Food & Drink app genre
  • And More!

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June 29, 2022

Market Data

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