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Stayin’ Alive: Games That Last in the Charts

Countless studies (and app developer blog posts) have been written about user lifespans and lifetime value, but app lifespan has been a mostly untouched topic. Which is a shame because this data can be a critical tool to help you decide marketing spend strategies, including timing and duration, and app release cycles.

Our latest report, Stayin’ Alive: Games That Last in the Charts, is packed with app industry analysis for both iOS and Google Play. We took a long-term view of our market data to provide you benchmarks to see if your app’s on track to hit your next big milestones.

Below is what you can learn from our free report:

  • How long it takes for mobile games on iOS and Google Play to hit key download and revenue milestones
  • The amount of time it takes games to peak (and whether this only applies to big hits or games in general)
  • Which top-downloaded and top-grossing games on iOS and Google Play stayed in the Top 5 the longest

To gain access to the full report, click the download button below:



A Chart for the Charts

Short on time? We put together an infographic so you can get some of this report’s key stats at a glance. Then you can dig into the real deal when you’re at your desk on your App Analytics dashboard.

Stayin Alive Games That Last in the Charts App Lifespan Report Infographic

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August 27, 2015

Market Data
Mobile Gaming

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