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2024 State of Mobile: Breakout Markets Including South Korea, Turkey and Brazil Grew App Spending by More Than 25%

Randy Nelson

See which markets added the most downloads, revenue and time spent last year — and which of those grew the greatest from 2022.

2023 wasn’t a significant growth year for the overall app stores, but there was growth — and that’s definitely a positive for an ecosystem that constricted for the first time in 2022. In’s 2024 State of Mobile report, we examine every facet of the app market, including trends that cover breakout categories and other highlights. So while the largest markets such as China, the United States and India added the most downloads, revenue and time spent, respectively, it’s equally important to call out where those metrics saw the largest percentage growth.

China Added the Most Downloads But Its Actual Growth Remains Meager 

Looking at breakout markets by downloads added in 2023, China came out on top with nearly 2.3 billion more last year than in 2022. Still, as such a massive market, this represented just 2.1% year-over-year growth. The same can be said for the United States at #2 in terms of downloads added (348 million) on just 2.8% growth. We do expect to see softening over time in downloads for mature mobile economies given downloads are representative of net new installs (no re-installs or app updates).

Outside of raw numbers, the greatest growth in terms of percentage over 2022 among the markets that added the most downloads came from Uzbekistan at 23% YoY, followed by South Africa (16.9%), Nigeria (16.2%) and Algeria (13.5%). All three markets are located on the African continent and have been on a high-growth trajectory for some time.

Brazil’s App Economy Growth Continues to Outpace The United States

The United States grew consumer spending in apps by an estimated $2.7 billion last year, but it was by no means the fastest growing. That honor among the 10 markets that added the most revenue goes to #8 Turkey, which grew 31% from 2022.

Other exceedingly high-percentage-growth and large raw-number-growth markets included Mexico (29.3% growth), Brazil (26.3%) and South Korea (25%). LATAM markets have been among the fastest growing for some time, but South Korea, with its numerous hit game launches, continues to rise as one of the world’s great app economies.

Time Spent In Apps Is Making Modest Gains, With Some Standout Markets

Finally, raw growth in total time spent in apps favored the larger markets including India at #1 adding 111 billion hours on Android on top of 2022’s total and #2 China adding almost 85 billion. To find the highest percentage growth markets, one must look elsewhere in Asia.

First though, we once again see #10 South Africa making standout gains, in this case adding 6.6 billion hours over 2022 on 14.7% growth compared to #1 India’s 10.3%. Back in Asia, Pakistan saw 14.1% growth adding 12.2 billion hours and Vietnam, with its 11.8 billion more hours in 2023, grew 12.8%.

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January 31, 2024

Market Data

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