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State of Mobile 2023: Focus on Latin America (LATAM)

Randy Nelson

Brazil, Mexico and Argentina’s mobile users have made LATAM a market to watch with their trend-bucking spending and considerable time spent in apps.

State of Mobile 2023: Focus on Latin America

Quick Facts:

  • Brazil and Mexico saw in-app spending grow by nearly 20%
  • Brazil was also the top LATAM market for downloads with 10.6 billion
  • Brazilians remained #2 in the world for time spent in apps
  • Over-The-Top (OTT) video apps were the hottest in LATAM

Consumer Spending: LATAM Rose Despite a Global Downturn

The South American continent's largest country, Brazil, saw its in-app spending rise in 2022 around 20% from $1.134 billion in 2021 to $1.37 billion. The rise positioned  Brazil as the world's #11 app market and lept  ahead of Saudi Arabia and Italy in the global rankings.

Mexico posted similarly impressive numbers, with app consumer spending up almost 20% to $711 million, year-over-year. And that makes Mexico the world's #19 most valuable app market.

App Downloads: Brazil Once Again Crossed 10 Billion

Brazil retained its spot as the world's fourth largest app market for app adoption, behind only China, the United States, and India,with downloads up slightly from 10.3 billion to 10.6 billion.

Time Spent: Mexico Clocked a Major Gain Over 2019

Mexico is currently the world’s #6 app market, based on average daily time spent in-app per device, with total hours up to 4.9 hours in 2022 (versus 3.9 hours in 2019). And while Brazil remained the world’s #2 app market (by the same measure), its average fell to 5.2 hours in 2022 (from 5.3 hours in 2021). 

So, now there are five countries whose consumers spend more than five hours/day in apps … and it’s looking like Mexico might soon be joining them. 

Key Categories: Interest in OTT is Over-The-Top

As consumers redirect their viewing away from linearly scheduled TB programming and instead toward streaming, we’re seeing a global boom in the entertainment/OTT app space And Brazilians are certainly conforming to this trend.

In 2022, the entertainment/OTT category grew by downloads more than any other, up 78.6 million year-over-year. This uptick in downloads for the entertainment/OTT category may well have been aided by more competition in the sector. For example, Brazil's two largest pay-TV providers – Claro Brasil and SKY Brasil – have both recently launched streaming services in the country to complement their traditional pay-TV offers. 

In other parts of LATAM, Mexico was seeing a similar spike in the entertainment/OTT category, too – easily the biggest by spending growth with $41.7 million more in 2022 than 2021. (Mexico was also the second largest by downloads, rising by 31.3 million.)

Mobile Games: LATAM Saw Next-Level Spending, Despite a Worldwide Decline

Consumer spend in mobile gaming fell by 5% globally in 2022 – although LATAM, as a market, was a little healthier (but not by much). This is largely because Brazilians increased their in-app spending by a modest $70 million year-over-year,  reaching $640 million. Which is  83% higher than total in-app spending in2019. And in Mexico, spending rose $30 million, topping $350 million, overall.

The download data was similar in showing modest gains with Brazil adding 160 million installs to reach a total of  4.62 billion for the year. Likewise, Mexico’s total increased by an identical amount, subsequently reaching 2.42 billion installs, overall.

Regarding app genres, the shooting genre was the top earner across Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, where spending in that category was up nearly 24%, year-over-year. It’s also worth noting the impressive  performance of the party genre.

In Brazil, spending in the party genre increased by 78% to become the fifth largest genre, overall. The extraordinary success of a small cohort of titles from Stumble Guys substantially contributed to this significant growth. 

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March 2, 2023

Market Data

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