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Q2 2022: App Market on Target for 34 Billion Downloads and $33 Billion Across Apps and Games in Consumer Spend

Vincent Zhou

Mobile app sector maintains its remarkable financial clout, with total consumer spend for the quarter up 21% since the start of the pandemic in Q2 2020.

The app economy remains buoyant 15 years after the channel first emerged, and two years after its lockdown-fuelled boom. New insights from reveals that the world's consumers are set to spend $33 billion in apps in Q2 2022. iOS users upped the consumer spend quarter-over-quarter by 4% to $22 billion in Q2 2022, while Android users’ consumer spend stayed consistent quarter-over-quarter, matching the $11 billion in Q1 2022.

The data appears to show that app users are maintaining the mobile 'lifestyles' they adopted during the pandemic, and are happy to pay for premium in-app experiences and services.

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June 22, 2022

Market Data

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