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Q2 2019 Was the Biggest Quarter for Mobile to Date

Lexi Sydow

Mobile shattered records in Q2 2019 with consumers downloading more apps and spending more money in the app stores than ever before.

Q2 2019 was the largest quarter yet for both downloads and consumer spend. Globally, consumers downloaded over 30.3 billion apps in Q2 2019. This figure is particularly impressive given it only includes new installs and does not include re-installs or app updates. Consumer spend hit nearly $22.6 billion in one quarter alone, up 20% year over year. 

Google Play Downloads Soared in Q2 2019 While Demand for iOS Remained Steady

Google Play downloads grew 10% year over year in Q2 2019 to nearly 22.5 billion. Google Play led iOS in global downloads by 185%, up 15 percentage points from Q1 2019. While apps represented the majority of downloads across both stores, the percentage was higher on iOS at 70% compared to 60% on Google Play. 

In Google Play, emerging markets continue to drive quarterly download growth. India, Brazil and Indonesia were the top 3 markets for both total downloads and year-over-year absolute growth in Q2 2019. Egypt was the #2 market for year-over-year growth in market share — a metric that takes into account a country’s growth relative to the market overall. On iOS, China, the US and Japan were the top 3 markets for total downloads and the US, Japan and Brazil were the top markets for year-over-year absolute download growth in the quarter as well as year-over-year growth in market share. 

Google Play saw particularly strong growth in downloads of non-gaming apps at 15% year over year. Specifically, Auto & Vehicles, Comics and Entertainment apps were the greatest contributors to year-over-year growth. On iOS Food & Drink, Education and Finance apps were the greatest contributors to downloads growth from a year prior. 

iOS Maintained 80% Lead Over Google Play in Consumer Spend

Global consumer spend across each app store grew 20% year over year in Q2 2019; however, iOS maintained its sizable lead. On iOS, apps outside of games accounted for nearly 35% of consumer spend compared to 15% on Google Play. 

The top 3 markets driving year-over-year growth in overall iOS consumer spend remained stable: the US, China and Japan. The markets with the largest year-over-year growth in market share were the US, UK and Brazil. On Google Play, the US, South Korea and Japan were the largest contributors to year-over-year growth in overall spend during the quarter, and the markets that saw the greatest year-over-year growth in market share were the US, Russia and Germany.  

For non-gaming apps on iOS, Photo and Video, Entertainment and Music were the largest contributors to year-over-year growth in consumer spend fueled by in-app subscriptions. Whereas on Google Play, Social, Productivity and Lifestyle were the largest categories driving year-over-year growth in spend. 

Breakout Apps of the Q2 2019

Snapchat saw a surge in downloads with the release of new augmented reality filters and its new, faster Android mobile app. 

YouTube broke into the top 5 by consumer spend as more consumers turn to mobile to stream their favorite content and users subscribe to unlock YouTube's paid features including ad-free, offline play, background play and access to exclusive content.

TikTok ranked highly by both global downloads in Q2 2019 and average smartphone monthly active users, with particularly strong growth in the latter. Their growing user base is fueled by demand for creating and streaming short form content and the power of the network effect. China is a large contributor to growth in active users. 

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July 10, 2019

Market Data

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