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Mobile Finance Report: How Banking and Fintech Apps Can Succeed in 2021

Lexi Sydow

Read the industry’s leading mobile finance report to take your mobile performance to the next level in the high-demand finance and banking sector

In 2021, consumers are more engaged in mobile financial activity than ever before. Economic headwinds in 2020 spurred involvement in financial markets, financing services and demand for mobile banking. 

Our 2021 Mobile Finance Report in partnership with Liftoff helps finance and banking brands and publishers succeed with our curated insights for the finance sector. Mobile is the most crucial instrument for engaging customers — with finance app downloads outpacing overall global downloads by a factor of 2. 

mobile finance report fintech vs banking apps

This report features in-depth analyses on the finance and banking industry across 16 strategic markets in 3 regions.

Read the industry’s leading mobile finance report covering everything you need to know about how to win on mobile in the new normal of 2021, including: 

  • What finance sub-categories and value propositions are in high demand on mobile and which countries are poised for growth 
  • How mobile is fueling 45% more financial decisions: how to evaluate key indicators of the evolving consumer mindset
  • How fintech apps stack up against banking giants: use this to fuel your product roadmap, user acquisition and re-engagement strategies 
  • Top movers and shakers and rising stars in finance and how this informs your global and regional strategies
  • Assess the true mobile performance scores of top finance apps: get access to the most complete view of success in mobile regardless of the app lifecycle, business model or industry
  • How Costs, Conversion Rates and ROAS for finance apps inform your user acquisition strategy 
  • What benefits iOS and Android can offer in terms of costs, conversion and downstream registration and activation metrics 

Ready to take your mobile performance to the next level? Read our 2021 Mobile Finance Report:

April 15, 2021

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