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State of Mobile 2022: Market Spotlight on Mexico Report

Gabrielle Bikker

New data from confirms Mexico is a rapidly growing market on mobile across many key verticals – up +77% consumer spend in entertainment apps and +74% downloads in finance apps YoY.

As one of the fastest-growing regions, Mexico ranked #7 by mobile app downloads and #22 by app store consumer spend in 2021. Downloads in Mexico grew 42% vs. 2019 and 45% in spend, with categories like Entertainment, Shopping, Finance and Social driving growth. Mexico is a diverse and growing mobile market — to succeed in this mobile landscape publishers and brands need to have a full comprehensive and trusted view. Download our State of Mobile 2022: Spotlight on Mexico to uncover how to succeed in this booming mobile economy. 

In consumer spend alone, Mexico saw $610 million flow through the app stores in 2021, $93 million more than 2020, equating to 18% growth year-over-year and 45% 2-year-growth. Both apps and games saw a notable increase in consumer spend in 2021. 

Looking at games, consumer spend grew 55% since 2019 to $323 Million in 2021. In Mexico, Free Fire, ROBLOX, and Call of Duty: Mobile were the top 3 games by consumer spend for the year — indicating the importance of online competitive multiplayer games.

Games made up 53% of consumer spend and 47% of downloads – a relatively equal split compared to some regions.

2021 marked a big year for growth outside of games as well, with non-gaming spend up 35% since 2019 to a total of $287 million. Entertainment apps made up 7 of the top 10 non-gaming apps by consumer spend in Mexico. Tinder, Facebook, and Google One were the only non-Entertainment apps to rank among the top 10 apps.

Ex-"Stream” Growth: Entertainment was the #1 Category by Spend Outside of Gaming, Driving More Than 22% of All Non-Gaming Consumer Spend in Mexico

Outside of gaming, Entertainment was the #1 category driving growth in spend in Mexico. Entertainment apps drove 22% of all non-gaming spend last year, bringing in over $62 million in spend in Mexico. Compared to 2020, users spent an additional $27M in Entertainment apps in 2021 – an increase of 77% YoY – making it the #1 category by spend and the #1 breakout category by spend.

Among the top 10 breakout apps by consumer spend in 2021 were US-HQ’d apps such as Disney+, HBO Max, and Twitch, along with JP-HQ’d anime-streaming service Crunchyroll, and Mexico-native app blim

When it came to international expansion, 2021 was a huge year for Entertainment > OTT apps. This was especially true in LATAM, where many top streaming services prioritized their new launch plans for the region. There were a number of streaming services that first became available to Mexico consumers in 2021– Paramount+, for example, became available in Mexico in March 2021. HBO Max launched its streaming service in June 2021, which was not long before by the launch of Disney’s Star+ streaming service that became available to users in LATAM in August 2021.

Social Continued to Drive Time Spent on Mobile in Mexico, But Mobile Finance Apps Saw Engagement Growth in 2021 as Neobanks Grew in Popularity

As the #4 region by daily time spent per user, Mexico is a critical region when it comes to capturing user attention on mobile. Users in Mexico spent more than 4.8 waking hours per day on mobile – up 23% from 2019 — on par with the average of the top 10 mobile-first markets..

Users in Mexico spent an incredible 99 Billion hours in mobile apps in 2021 — 9th highest in the world. And where did users spend their time? Users in Mexico spent nearly 75% of their time on mobile in Social and Photo & Video apps. In fact, Social was also the #1 breakout category by time spent in 2021, spending 53.5B hours in 2021 – over 1.1B hours more than in 2020. This is even higher than the global proportion of time spent. 

Time spent also increased significantly in Finance apps , Finance apps in Mexico — seeing a 32% YoY increase in time spent alongside a 74% YoY increase in downloads. 

Mexico overindexed for downloads of Finance apps, with a growth rate 2.6x faster than the global rate of 28% YoY. Contributing to growth in the mobile finance market across LATAM was consumers' willingness to try alternatives to retail banks, such as neobanks, which tend to be more accessible to those without excellent credit and offer custom features better suited for specific needs. 

Rising stars in Mexico in 2021 were players like Bienestar Azteca and iFectivo which ranked #1 and #3, respectively, by breakout downloads among Finance apps on iOS and Google Play.Neobanks were also popular among the 10 breakout app list — including Stori (#2 by breakout downloads), Nubank (#7), and Klar (#9).

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July 7, 2022

Market Data

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