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Meituan Waimai Has Surpassed 100 Million Downloads Globally - Reinforcing the Demand for Quality Food Without Sacrificing Convenience

Vincent Zhou

Meituan Waimai has reached the #1 spot in the Food and Drink Category in terms of daily iOS downloads across 52 countries since launch

Meituan Waimai, a food delivery app published by Sankuai Technology Company, has surpassed 100 million app downloads across iOS and Google Play worldwide. Meituan Waimai was released on Nov 19, 2013 on iOS and July 18, 2017 on Google Play. In addition to delivering international cuisines ranging from specific fast food partners such as Pizza Hut and KFC as well as local favorites such as barbecue and hot pot, Meituan Waimai also delivers soda drinks, fresh fruits, pharmacy items, and supermarket groceries.

With an average rating of 4.81 across all versions of the app from more than 9 million ratings on iOS, it is clear the app has been well received among its user base. In fact, more than 90% of its ratings were 5-stars, citing the plethora of food choices, the convenience of enjoying food at home, and the fast delivery as among the reasons.

Since launch, its iPhone app has reached #1 in terms of daily downloads across 52 countries and has reached at least the top 10 in 100 countries in the Food and Drink category.

According to Meituan Waimai, its network of partners is massive, covering more than 50,000 restaurants and 5,000 chain restaurants across 250+ cities in the nation. With such wide coverage and limitless options at customers’ fingertips, it is no surprise that over the past 12 months from October 2020 - September 2021, Meituan Waimai was the #1 most downloaded iOS app in the Food and Drink category overall as well as the #1 most downloaded iOS food delivery app in China. E Le Ma, Dingdong Shopping, KFC China, and McDonald’s China rounded out the top 5 food delivery apps in China, although Dingdong Shopping focuses less on delivering prepared foods and more on delivering seafood, fruits, meats, and vegetables.

Globally, the top markets by download for Meituan Waimai are in China, Hong Kong, United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Australia. With the demand for quality food delivered to consumers’ doors ever increasing in recent years, it is particularly impressive to see Meituan Waimai’s growth. Although international brands such as McDonald’s remain popular in China, moving up the iOS Food & Drink apps downloads ranking chart 12 places year over year for the time period of October 2020 - September 2021, Meituan Waimai will likely hold the top spot for the foreseeable future.

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October 15, 2021

Market Data

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