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India’s Go-To Mobile Retail Marketplace, Meesho Reaches 500 Million Downloads Faster Than Any Other Shopping App Globally

Randy Nelson

The team says its focus is on user activation and retention, in addition to acquisition.

Meesho entered the retail market in India back in 2015 when there weren’t many e-commerce companies catering to underserved, value-seeking consumers. Eight years later, Meesho’s mobile app has surpassed 500 million installs from the App Store and Google Play — reaching this milestone faster than any other shopping app globally — and the company has positioned itself as the largest online marketplace in India.

One might think user acquisition is the company’s primary focus, but Megha Agarwal, chief experience officer in charge of growth, says there’s no acquisition without activation. 

“One of our core mantras that we swear by is being user-first. We don't solve a problem or start doing something just because competition is heating up,” Agarwal says. “Because the true philosophy of our company is that if you're right by the user, if you really solve hard problems that you know that they are struggling with, they will find value and they will be with you.”

Agarwal says that there’s a level of psychology that goes into creating an experience that works best for Meesho’s audience. 

By focusing on the customer journey and making it a frictionless one at that, Meesho is able to retain more users through their seamless experience. To Meesho, it’s not just about the installs, it’s about providing users with an online shopping experience that caters to their needs.

That’s the team’s strategy as Meesho surpasses milestones and sees even more opportunity for growth as India’s online retail space remains widely untapped. 

“It feels great, but in our mind, honestly, we still feel that there's huge room for growth,” Agarwal shares, referring to the big half-billion figure. “And why I say this is because if you look at India, it has about 750 to 800 million people who have internet access and who have smartphones.” 

As they have for the past 18 months, Meesho continues to trust to provide them with the insights they need to go after that remaining addressable market.

April 18, 2023

Market Data

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