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Insights Recap: The Latest on Generative ai Apps and How Peacock’s NFL Exclusive Has Played Out

Randy Nelson

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Hi everyone — it’s time for the latest all-new mobile market analyses from’s Market Insights team. This time, we have updates on the developing Generative AI landscape and a look at how exclusive content has pushed Peacock to new UA highs.

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Checking in on AI: Upward Momentum Continues into 2024

AI has taken the world by storm over the past year and this excitement has made its way to mobile as well. Our latest annual State of Mobile report highlighted Generative AI as the breakout category of the year in 2023 with the release of popular apps like ChatGPT and Ask AI. As we enter the second month of 2024, has the appetite for Generative AI apps remained high?

Early results from 2024 are very strong, with global Generative AI app downloads continuing their upward trajectory. The week between January 7 and 13 was the highest week for the genre since ChatGPT launched on Google Play in July 2023. Overall downloads in January are on track for a new high at 95 million, up 4% month-over-month, and may well surpass 100 million monthly downloads soon.

Consumer spend in Generative AI apps has also continued to trend upward, reaching $13 million for the third straight week. The United States was responsible for nearly half of this total, though some other markets are starting to emerge. China, Germany and Japan all saw faster growth than the US in January as apps looked to other markets for growth.

The Generative AI app market has become increasingly competitive to fill this rising demand, though it does not appear to have become oversaturated just yet. The number of new apps launching with AI-related terms in their app descriptions peaked in early 2023 as apps raced to be the first to market during the upswell in demand. While the number of apps with terms like “ai chat”, “chatbot”, and “gpt” has trended down since, we’re still seeing more than 100 new apps using these terms every month across iOS and Google Play. As interest in AI continues to rise, expect new apps to emerge and try to capture some of this market.

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Make it Exclusive: Peacock Gets Record Boost with NFL Wild Card

Are streaming services becoming the future of sports TV? Many sports leagues have experimented with exclusive rights for streaming services for regular season matchups, such as MLB games on Apple TV and Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video. January 13, 2024 marked the first ever streaming-exclusive NFL Playoff game, with the Kansas City Chiefs facing the Miami Dolphins exclusively on Peacock.


The results are in, and the NFL Wild Card game propelled Peacock to more than 500,000 new downloads on mobile alone in the United States. This was more than 3.6X the app’s median weekend downloads since the start of July 2023 and 33% higher than its previous best during this period.

The NFL Wild Card game sent Peacock soaring to its highest weekend for US downloads since the first week after its launch. This easily surpassed the previous Peacock-exclusive NFL game, a regular season contest between the Buffalo Bills and LA Chargers. Exclusive content for marquee events is clearly a great way to introduce more users to your streaming service – how many continue to subscribe after the event is yet to be seen.

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February 13, 2024

Market Data

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