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Google Play Revenue Surpasses iOS in Germany

Over the last two years, Google Play has seen phenomenal growth in Germany. In 2014, its annual app revenue was more than twice what it was in 2013. This growth helped Google Play recently surpass iOS in monthly revenue. However, iOS revenue also continues to grow in Germany as the whole app economy expands. Spend per active device is on the rise in both stores, making Germany an interesting market for both local publishers and publishers looking for international expansion.

Our latest free report, Google Play’s Rapid Rise in Germany, investigates what’s behind this phenomenal growth over the last couple of years and which categories are generating the majority of Germany’s Google Play app revenue.


Germany’s app economy is booming, helped in a large part by Google Play’s phenomenal growth.

Below is what you can learn from our free report:

  • Annual Google Play Revenue in Germany Grew 150% in 2014
    Germany’s Google Play revenue saw dramatic growth throughout 2014. Its continued climb recently carried it past the iOS App Store by monthly revenue in Germany. This differs markedly from the United Kingdom, Europe’s biggest app market, where the iOS App Store remains the clear king of app revenue generation.
  • Spend Per Device on Google Play More Than Doubled in 2014
    Android device install base and Google Play downloads are growing in Germany, but Google Play revenue growth is outpacing them both. It appears that German consumers are increasingly willing to make purchases through the app stores.
  • The ‘Long Tail’ Helped Grow Game Revenue
    Games account for the vast majority of Google Play revenue in Germany. But it’s not only the top games that benefit from the thriving app market. Games ranked outside the top 100 by revenue made significant gains over the past year.

To gain access to the full 17-page report, click the download button below:



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February 25, 2015

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