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Give Your Mobile Advertising Strategy a Competitive Advantage

Liza Rtishchev

Demystify the mobile advertising space with our latest report highlighting trends and best practices

Mobile continues to grow, with no signs of slowing down, and publishers are increasingly looking for the best way to harness marketing opportunities in the space. From choosing an ad network, to developing eye-catching creatives, optimizing a mobile marketing campaign requires an active eye on mobile advertising (and your competition). We’ve collected key findings and best practices around advertising on mobile devices in our latest complimentary report, Competitive Insights Into Ad Creatives and Placements.

Your user acquisition strategy, including spend, networks, and ad formats, is likely fluid. Selecting the best ad network for your app will change over time based on several factors, such as what your goals are, where your competitors are investing and optimizing ad spend in response to competitors’ allocation. For example, taking note of the volume of ad spend for competitors will help determine long-term vs. short-term ad campaigns.

The most successful app publishers watch what their competitors, the industry and local markets are doing, and work to react to those changes in real time. When looking to introduce Clash Royale to the Chinese market — while maintaining its current position with Clash of Clans — Supercell understood that localization would be key to a successful UA campaign. By creating fun, localized creatives for both its games, they were able to successfully launch Clash Royale while keeping both apps in the top 10 by ad impressions for China’s iPhone Chartboost inventory.

In the United States, SHOWTIME adjusted its mobile UA strategy to support the release of new seasons for hit shows — this burst campaign helped the app take the #1 spot for highest share of AdMob’s iPhone impressions.

For apps publishers hoping to optimize their user acquisition strategy, keeping tabs on successful competitors and industry leaders will help inform best practices and inspire new strategies to test.

Download our complimentary report, Competitive Insights Into Mobile Ad Creatives and Placements:


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August 2, 2016

Market Data
Mobile App Strategy

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