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Diablo Immortal blazes past $500 million generated in its first year on mobile

Randy Nelson

Milestone places title from Activision-Blizzard and NetEase in the top 15 fastest to reach this mark.

Although its unveiling in November 2018 left consumers, media, and analysts with tepid expectations, Diablo Immortal eventually arrived last June and has proven the naysayers wrong, becoming a bona fide hit on mobile. It also gained this status in a relatively brief period of time.

In its first year, Diablo Immortal became the 15th fastest mobile game to cross the $500 million mark, placing it in an elite group that includes the likes of Pokémon GO, Candy Crush Saga, and Genshin Impact. The climb to $1 billion is next.

The title, co-developed by IP-owner Activision-Blizzard and Chinese mobile gaming giant NetEase, has managed to attract close to 22 million downloads globally and bring in more than $525 million in player spending during its first 12 months of availability, Intelligence estimates show. Both figures are not inclusive of downloads and revenue from third-party Android marketplaces in China and elsewhere around the globe, nor do they factor in the PC port of the title.

Its performance so far has made Diablo Immortal the #3 earning mobile MMORPG in the world since its release, according to’s Game IQ.

The 24th largest mobile game globally in terms of worldwide revenue since it launched, Diablo Immortal has seen more than half a billion dollars added to its coffers. The largest percentage of this lifetime spend came from NetEase’s home market of China at about 37%, but the game also has its hooks in a large US player base that has contributed 24% of the total.

So far in 2023, the degree of US mobile gamer interest in the title has grown, overshadowing China’s contribution at 33% of spending to the latter’s 19%.

With heightened interest in the franchise due to the recent console and PC release of Diablo IV — to rave reviews and $666 million generated in only five days — the velocity of this mobile spin-off continues to be promising.

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June 15, 2023

Market Data

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