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How is the mobile economy changing during the coronavirus pandemic?

Lexi Sydow

We joined the Mobile Presence podcast to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting virtually every part of our lives, and we are turning to mobile more than ever before.

Amir Ghodrati and Lexi Sydow joined Peggy Anne Salz on the Mobile Presence podcast to discuss the novel impact the coronavirus pandemic is having across virtually every industry on mobile.

mobile presence podcast impact of covid19 pandemic on mobile

Over the course of 34 minutes, we cover: 

  • How city lockdowns and social distancing is shifting consumer behavior — and time — to mobile
  • How mobile verticals are affected by COVID-19
  • Which apps are experiencing high growth during the coronavirus pandemic
  • What marketers can do to drive positive results for campaigns and consumers during these unprecedented times 

Listen in on the podcast below, on, MobileGroove or the player below:  

If you’re looking for more analysis and insights on how coronavirus is impacting the mobile economy, watch our free webinar featuring special guest, Snapchat:  

May 1, 2020

Market Data

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