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Chinese New Year Reaches Mobile Tipping Point

The Chinese New Year festival is an ancient one where long-practiced traditions and customs are still seen today. However, even ages-old traditions are not immune to the influence of technology. In recent years, it’s clear that many elements of the Chinese New Year experience are being radically transformed by mobile apps. It was not too long ago when Chinese New Year’s Eve meant getting the family together by the dinner table to watch television. Now you are more likely to catch your parents staring at their smartphones (assuming you’ve looked up from yours).

Using App Annie’s Store Stats, we showcase how Chinese New Year has become a significant opportunity for mobile app publishers, and how a few of the most impactful developments in the app economy have fundamentally changed this holiday in critical areas such as transportation and peer-to-peer payments.

Key highlights from this slideshow include::

  • App publishers in China came up with solutions on mobile to help travelers get their tickets home
  • People have taken to WeChat to hand out “red envelopes” to family and friends, resulting in a more than eight-fold increase in the number of WeChat Red Packets sent out and received
  • Alipay highlights its social features by partnering up with the CCTV New Year’s Gala

Discover the latest trends, and learn about what Chinese New Year means for global app businesses.

Chinese New Year Reaches Mobile Tipping Point from App Annie. Also available in Chinese and Korean

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February 22, 2016

Market Data
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