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China Mobile Games: Insights on Going Global

Donny Kristianto

In a joint report from Google and App Annie, we explored the growing movements from China-based publishers into new mobile gaming markets around the world — a deep-dive on differences in gaming preferences and unique competition across regions.

What’s Happening:

The global mobile gaming market continued its rapid expansion to reach new heights in H1 2019 — comprising 21.6 billion downloads and $32.8 billion in consumer spend across iOS and Google Play. China’s mobile gaming market has grown rapidly over the years to become the world’s largest, but growth has leveled amidst an environment of increased competition and regulation. For game publishers based in China, overseas markets provide opportunities for international expansion and monetization for gaming publishers of all sizes.

Why It Matters:

From H1 2017 to H1 2019, gaming consumer spend generated in overseas markets by publishers headquartered in China grew over 125%, 5 times the growth of domestic games consumer spend in China by publishers based in the country.

A rising number of game publishers in China have found success both within and outside of their borders. However, differences in gaming genre preferences and competition from other international game publishers are key challenges to tackle in order to see further growth and expansion. To uncover key drivers of growth and illuminate obstacles to overcome, Google and App Annie partnered to release a detailed report helping game publishers:

  • Understand the state of the global mobile gaming industry and where it’s heading
  • Uncover the competitive landscape in key markets
  • Analyze the performance of game genres across strategic markets
  • Uncover areas of growth and opportunity

August 30, 2019

Market Data
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