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CapCut: ByteDance’s Second App to Hit $100 Million Milestone Insights

The Video Editing App Cements Top Position in the Photo & Video Vertical

ByteDance’s popular video editing app CapCut has surpassed $100 Million in consumer spend across iOS and Google Play as of Sept 11, 2023. Initially released in China in 2019, the app quickly spread globally in just 4 years on the heels of its wildly popular sister app TikTok. As of August 2023, CapCut is used globally by 490 million people across iPhones and Android phones, just shy of 25% of TikTok’s user base at 2.1 billion people worldwide as of August 2023

capcut surpasses $100 million

Solid in Existing Markets, CapCut Still Looks to Cover More Regions as Downloads Grow 36% in H1 2023 vs H1 2022

While CapCut has historically been popular in China, the US and Southeast Asia, in H1 2023 we’ve seen Capcut gaining downloads steam in Europe (+51% in the UK and +25% in Germany), the Middle East (+99% in Egypt and +29% in Saudi Arabia) and Latin America (+98% in Mexico and +27% in Brazil) compared to H1 2022. In H1 2023, China, Indonesia and Brazil were the top 3 markets by downloads while the US, Bangladesh and China were among the top 3 with the largest volume of downloads growth vs H2 2022, equating to +67%, +73% and +31% respectively. 

Standout Monetization Performance in H1 2023 Sealed CapCut in Leading Position Among All Video Editing Apps

In terms of consumer spend, CapCut successfully surpassed Splice (#1 in H2 2022) to became the most profitable Photo & Video > Video Editing app globally in H1 2023, with a record-high of $50 million in consumer spend (+180% vs H2 2022), according to’s App IQ taxonomy. Other Video Editing apps including Splice and GoPro Quik also experienced revenue growth period over period, indicating the increasing shift to video-first editing and consumption on mobile devices and the willingness of consumers to pay for these services. 

Subscriptions were the most powerful engine for CapCut’s monetization. According to’s In-App Purchase (IAP) Behavior data, “One-year PRO”, an annual subscription at $74.99, was the most profitable subscription option for CapCut in the US iOS App Store in H1 2023, making up nearly 34% of total consumer spend, followed by the Monthly Subscription at $7.99 which made up 26% of total consumer spend. The annual subscription offers users a savings of $20.89 each year. Opting for an annual subscription indicates that a bulk of consumers derive significant value from the premium offerings and anticipate using the services for at least the duration of the year. 

Taking a broader view, CapCut also ranked #4 among the Photo & Video genre overall in H1 2023 by global consumer spend, after FaceApp (Photo & Video > Selfie & Beauty Editor), Facetune Editor (Photo & Video > Selfie & Beauty Editor) and PicsArt Photo & Video Editor (Photo & Video > Photo Editor). 

Capitalizing on Trending Technology, CapCut Prioritizes AI and Entertainment in New Features 

CapCut was a fast-mover in incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its offerings as templates, effects and filters. After the introduction of generative AI templates and effects into its iOS app in April 2023, CapCut saw a download spike and continuous revenue increase. ByteDance, its parent company, has also released a CapCut plugin for ChatGPT users to create more polished video content relying on AI technology.

app store updates to capcut - screenshots

Use’s Timeline View to monitor for strategic app updates to App Icons, Screenshots, Descriptions Name and Versions. 

CapCut Prioritizes Integration With Its Sister App TikTok to Boost Usage

CapCut’s success is significantly boosted by its seamless integration with TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms. Users can login to CapCut with theirTikTok account and share their creativity on TikTok immediately as well as other social media platforms. According to Intelligence, TikTok has the highest cross mobile usage index with CapCut (62%), 15 points higher than Snapchat and 19 points higher than Instagram. This reflects how companies could benefit from building a niche ecosystem and retaining users in a strong product matrix.

cross mobile usage capcat and other apps

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September 13, 2023

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