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Twitter Challenger Bluesky Social Reaches 1 Million Download Milestone

Randy Nelson

In the growing landscape of microblogging social networks, a challenger from Twitter’s co-founder is picking up momentum after passing a significant waypost for adoption.

What began as a proposed next-generation social networking protocol at Twitter before being spun out by the company, Bluesky Social is today working to establish itself among many others as a viable alternative to its progenitor. Thanks to a surge in new downloads since June 30 — an estimated 300,000 — the app has performed one formidable feat in its pursuit of an audience: Its lifetime installs have now surpassed 1 million in the roughly four months since its launch, according to estimates from Intelligence.

It’s important to note that Bluesky has achieved this milestone as an invite-only app, admission to which is rate-limited by its operator. For as many times as Bluesky has been installed to date, actual interest in at least trying the app may be many times greater. Just how great remains to be seen when the platform fully opens to the public, likely this year.

While Bluesky was building to this point, Twitter added another 72 million first-time downloads of its mobile app in all of its markets, at an average of about 518,000 per day, compared to Bluesky’s close to 8,300. Another high-profile Twitter challenger, Threads from Instagram, saw 10 million “signups” in just seven hours, according to Meta chief executive Mark Zuckerberg’s own postings. Threads is currently the #1 ranked app by downloads in 137 of the 144 markets it’s available in.

So far, consumers in the United States have signaled a higher degree of interest in taking what could be one of the next great social channels for a test drive, accounting for about 40% of Bluesky installs to date. It’s been followed by Brazil (9.5%), Japan (8.5%), Thailand (7.5%) and the United Kingdom (4.6%).

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July 7, 2023

Market Data

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