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App Annie Index Market Q1 2016: China Takes Japan’s #2 Spot for iOS Revenue

Worldwide app downloads and revenue Q1 2016

Below are some key highlights from this report:

  • China’s quarterly iOS revenue grew nearly 2.2x year over year from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016, mostly from in-app purchases within mobile games.
  • Entertainment and Music app revenue is exploding in the US and China with major apps adding subscription revenue models.
  • Emerging markets Vietnam, Argentina and Egypt saw huge year-over-year growth on Google Play thanks to Games — but each region’s gamers have distinctly different tastes.

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Each quarter, we analyze the iOS App Store and Google Play Store to find the most recent global market trends. In our latest Q1 2016 Market Index, we saw China making moves on the app stores. Asia continues to reign in iOS revenue, but last quarter, China leapt ahead of Japan on the revenue rankings thanks to its legions of mobile gamers. As established markets continue to see revenue rise, emerging markets — Vietnam, Argentina and Egypt in particular — are experiencing significant download growth on Google Play through games.

Beyond games, what’s driving the revenue jump? Mobile users worldwide are getting an appetite for streaming media, which is manifesting itself through in-app subscriptions and heavily benefiting both the US (e.g., Netflix and Spotify) and China (e.g., Tencent Video and QQ Music). Throughout 2016, we predict that eSports will further boost revenue in China and cross-app integrations will take apps to the next level with increased awareness and monetization opportunities, while also bridging the physical-mobile gap for many companies.

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April 19, 2016

Market Data

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