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App Annie Index: Games - Plants vs. Zombies 2 Chomps Its Way to the Top

The App Annie Games Index brings you the hottest mobile gaming properties across both the iOS App Store and Google Play based on market data from App Annie Intelligence. To find out what’s happening with apps outside of games, please check out our August 2013 Apps Index.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Takes Over the iOS App Store

The highly anticipated sequel to Plants vs. Zombies has arrived with a bang. Plants vs. Zombies 2 earned the #1 ranking as the most downloaded game in the iOS App Store in August. Electronic Arts reported that since its release in mid-August, Plants vs. Zombies 2 has already passed the total lifetime downloads of the first game with over 25 million downloads. The Android version of the app has been soft-launched in China and should get a worldwide rollout soon, but Plants vs. Zombies fans can also look forward to an extension of the game to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the next 6 months.

Publishers Partnering to Localize Apps

Publishers are more aggressively trying to expand outside of their native region and are looking to partners to help them out. The past couple months have seen a number of announcements by major publishers regarding partnerships and cross-promotions designed to expand their audience. Some publishers like GREE have set aside money for equity investments in developers that have already achieved success on a local level and are looking to expand. Some publishers like GungHo Online and Supercell have developed cross-promotions with other major publishers where the publishers use each other’s characters and content to create special features and events. Other publishers like Kabam and Gameloft are partnering with smaller publishers to localize their existing apps so that they are relevant for specific markets and reaching the right distribution channels. As the global app economy evolves and publishers look to expand their audience, we can likely expect more of these partnerships to emerge.

Puzzle, Endless-Running & Racing Games Dominate Top Downloads

Of the 16 unique games included in the Top 10 rankings by monthly downloads in the iOS App Store and Google Play, 5 are based on puzzles, 4 are endless-runners, and 3 are racing games. Puzzle game Candy Crush Saga and endless running games Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Temple Run 2, and Subway Surfers appear in both Top 10’s, but each app store also has a unique category driving downloads. The iOS App Store downloads are largely driven by puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, WeMatch, Where’s My Mickey? Free, 4 Pics 1 Song and Bad Piggies. By comparison, the only puzzle-based game in the Top 10 most downloaded games on Google Play for August was Candy Crush Saga. The three endless running games on each Top 10 are strong drivers of downloads in Google Play, but the racing category with Bike Xtreme, Fast Racing 3D, and Hill Climb Racing also produced three of the Top 10.


Top Publishers by Monthly Game DownloadsiOS August 2013

Publisher Rank Change
vs. July 2013
Headquarters Total Apps
(incl. non-games)
1 Electronic Arts 1 United States 834
2 Gameloft 1 France 207
3 Tiny Piece - China 159
4 Disney 1 United States 282
5 Rovio 1 Finland 34
6 King 2 United Kingdom 4
7 Tencent 36 China 127
8 TabTale 1 Israel 191
9 Ninjafish Studios 1 United States 54
10 FDG 10 Germany 32
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™


The success of Plants vs. Zombies 2 propelled Electronic Arts to the #1 position in the top publishers by monthly downloads for the iOS App Store in August. Carrying on the trend identified in the July Games Index, children’s game producers Tiny Piece, Disney, TabTale and Ninjafish Studios continued to perform well during summer break, but might see a drop-off in September and October as kids go back to school and have less time to play games on their mobile devices.

Two publishers broke into the Top 10 most downloaded game publishers on the iOS App Store in August. The popularity of Tencent’s 天天爱消除 (WeMatch) was the primary driver that helped them climb 37 spots to earn the #7 position in this month’s ranking, but they were also boosted by the release of 天天连萌 (LinkLink), a classic Chinese tile-matching game. Tencent has been a regular in the top iOS App Store publishers in the Apps Index, most recently coming in at #3 in July, but this is the first time Tencent has broken into the games publisher rankings for the iOS App Store this year. German publisher FDG climbed into the Top 10 after they lowered the price for Banana Kong on July 23rd and it shot up the ranking for the most downloaded games in the iOS App Store. Philipp Döschl, Co-Founder & Executive Producer of FDG Entertainment, spoke with App Annie about the work it took to achieve their ranking: "We have been operating independently in the mobile app business for over 12 years without any financial backing, so making the App Annie rankings is quite an achievement for us! It's great to see our team's hard work and passion pay off. We plan to use our momentum to keep pushing higher on the ranks, and are looking forward to seeing how 'Oceanhorn' and 'Crystal Siege' perform when we release them in winter 2013."


Top Publishers by Monthly Game DownloadsGoogle Play August 2013

Publisher Rank Change
vs. July 2013
Headquarters Total Apps
(incl. non-games)
1 Gameloft - France 77
2 Tiny Piece - China 90
3 King - United Kingdom 3
4 Rovio - Finland 15
5 Electronic Arts 3 United States 125
6 TerranDroid 17 United States 8
7 Imangi Studios 2 United States 2
8 Halfbrick Studios 2 Australia 7
9 Disney - United States 49
10 Kiloo 2 Denmark 2
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™


The top publishers by downloads in Google Play stayed relatively stable in August, with each of the Top 4 publishers retaining their position in the ranking. #1 publisher Gameloft continued to ride the popularity of its endless running game for Despicable Me 2, but also announced a deal for another movie-based game in their portfolio where anyone who buys Epic on DVD or Blu-ray will receive exclusive content for their app, EPIC Battle for Moonhaven. Gameloft isn’t the only publisher with ties to the movie industry though. Rovio unveiled a teaser for the September 19th release of Angry Birds Star Wars 2. The video encourages viewers to “Join the Pork Side” and is voiced by Ian McDiarmid, the actor who originally played the Emperor in 1983’s Return of the Jedi and reprised the role for the most recent episodes: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith.

There are two publishers in August’s Top 10 that did not make the ranking in July. Kiloo, the Danish publisher behind the popular Subway Surfers game, climbed back into the Top 10 after a one-month hiatus and TerranDroid jumped 17 spots to land at #6 on the back of its Android-exclusive racing game, Bike Xtreme.


Top Publishers by Monthly Game RevenueiOS August 2013

Publisher Rank Change
vs. July 2013
Headquarters Total Apps
(incl. non-games)
1 Supercell - Finland 2
2 King - United Kingdom 4
3 GungHo Online - Japan 14
4 Electronic Arts - United States 832
5 LINE 3 Japan 79
6 GREE 1 Japan 117
7 Gameloft - France 206
8 Kabam 2 United States 13
9 Storm8 1 United States 36
10 SEGA 9 Japan 111
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™


The Top 10 grossing publishers on the iOS App Store remained fairly stable with each of the Top 5 maintaining their rank from July. After cross-promoting within Supercell’s Clash of Clans in June, GungHo Online announced a partnership with the Taito Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Square Enix. From August 12th through the 24th, Puzzle & Dragons featured the alien monsters from Taito’s Space Invaders, one of the earliest and most popular shooting games released in 1978. Additionally, Taito helped Puzzle & Dragons remix their theme music and featured both the original and remixed versions of the Puzzle & Dragons soundtrack as playable tracks in their rhythm-based tapping game, Groove Coaster Zero.

SEGA rose 9 spots to earn the #10 ranking among the highest grossing iOS App Store publishers in August. SEGA’s revenue growth was primarily driven by the popularity of チェインクロニクル (Chain Chronicles), which was released on August 1st and quickly began climbing the ranks in Japan. チェインクロニクル (Chain Chronicles) combines elements of a tower defense and role-playing game where the user teams up with friends to defeat waves of enemies.

A couple weeks after announcing a $38.5 million secondary financing round at a $700 million evaluation in mid-July, Kabam released the mobile app for Dragons of Atlantis: Heir of the Dragon, their popular web-based game that has already generated over $100 million in gross revenue over the last three years. Dragons of Atlantis: Heir of the Dragon lets users raise an army of dragons while rebuilding the lost city of Atlantis. It was the third mobile app released by Kabam in the past three months and is also their third franchise to feature both a web and mobile platform. Kabam also announced that they are working with the Chinese mobile development company Hoolai Games to publish the mobile app for Wartune, an award-winning role-playing and strategy game for the web created by 7th Road. Wartune’s licensing with Kabam is through the $50 million development fund that they created to partner with Asian mobile developers. The fund is designed to give Kabam the opportunity to work with Asian mobile developers on customizing and distributing their games in other territories.


Top Publishers by Monthly Game RevenueGoogle Play August 2013

Publisher Rank Change
vs. July 2013
Headquarters Total Apps
(incl. non-games)
1 GungHo Online - Japan 15
2 LINE - Japan 86
3 CJ E&M - South Korea 45
4 King 2 United Kingdom 3
5 DeNA 1 Japan 260
6 GREE 1 Japan 128
7 COLOPL - Japan 111
8 WeMade - South Korea 27
9 Kabam - United States 10
10 Electronic Arts - United States 125
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™


Publishers based in Japan and South Korea continued to dominate the top grossing publisher ranking for Google Play, occupying 7 of the Top 8 positions. Puzzle & Dragons helped GungHo Online retain their position at the top of the ranking. The #2 publisher, LINE, had a more diverse group of apps driving its revenue generation, led by LINE Pokopang, LINE WIND runner, LINE POP, and LINE Bubble!

The #5 top grossing publisher, DeNA, released their financial results and revealed that their revenues for Q1 of the 2013 fiscal year were 10% higher than the same quarter in 2012. DeNA also provided some insight into their strategy for the 2013 fiscal year by stating that they planned to launch approximately 60 new first and second party titles from Mobage Japan and over 20 new first and second party titles from Mobage West, their San Francisco-based game studio. Their hope is that these new releases will also give a boost to the consumption of MobaCoin, their in-game payment system. DeNA got off to a good start on those goals by releasing two new games in August: The Drowning and Monster Match. The Drowning is a first person shooter for the iOS App Store released on August 1st that DeNA designed to bring console-quality graphics and gameplay to the mobile platform. Monster Match is a puzzle and adventure game released at the end of August for both the iOS App Store and Google Play.

The June Games Index analyzed the impact that faction events had on the revenue ranking for GREE’s Modern War, and the publisher has since released an infographic that reveals some of their internal numbers. Over 330,000 factions have formed since the game mode was introduced in January and GREE says that they see daily logins increase by double during events. Faction events have been a boon for their bottom line. GREE reported that they see a 600% increase in average daily revenue during live events and that they took in $2.3 million in total revenue one weekend during a live event.

In a move that turned some heads, GREE released their first game for the Kakao platform. Up to now, GREE's social gaming platform has earned its revenue primarily from Japan. Leveraging Kakao's presence in South Korea may help GREE maximize the reach for 점핑테일 (Jumping Tails) for Kakao. 점핑테일 (Jumping Tails) for Kakao is a fairytale-style arcade game where the user rescues baby animals by jumping between platforms and fighting monsters.


Top Game Apps by Monthly DownloadsiOS August

Game Rank Change
vs. July 2013
Publisher Headquarters Subcategory
1 Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 348 Electronic Arts United States Adventure, Strategy
2 Despicable Me: Minion Rush 1 Gameloft France Arcade, Action
3 Candy Crush Saga 1 King United Kingdom Arcade, Puzzle
4 天天爱消除 (WeMatch) *N/A Tencent China Family, Puzzle
5 Where's My Mickey? Free *N/A Disney United States Family, Puzzle
6 Temple Run 2 8 Imangi Studios United States Action, Adventure
7 Banana Kong 1 FDG Germany Arcade, Adventure
8 Subway Surfers 11 Kiloo Denmark Arcade, Action
9 4 Pics 1 Song 31 Game Circus United States Trivia, Music
10 Bad Piggies 815 Rovio Finland Puzzle, Arcade
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™

* 天天爱消除 (WeMatch) and Where's My Mickey? Free were released in August 2013, so there is no rank change vs. July 2013.


August saw a lot of turnover in the top games by monthly downloads for the iOS App Store ranking with 5 apps making their debut in the Top 10. None made a bigger debut than Electronic Art’s sequel to their hit tower defense game, Plants vs. Zombies. Unlike its predecessor that cost $2.99 to download, Plants vs. Zombies 2 has a freemium business model that generates revenue through in-app purchases for experimental plants and power-ups. The original Plants vs. Zombies set an iTunes record at the time by grossing over $1 million just 9 days after its launch on September 15, 2010. Plants vs. Zombies 2 continued that record-breaking tradition by already passing the total lifetime downloads of the original game with 25 million downloads since its release on August 15th. The fact that it was featured on the iTunes home page in over 100 countries through the end of August also didn’t hurt its launch. PopCap, the game’s original developer and a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, announced on September 12th that the Android version of the game was released in China as a precursor to a worldwide rollout. As covered in the June Games Index, EA is expanding the Plants vs. Zombies franchise beyond the mobile platform and creating Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for the Xbox One console. It was later announced that the game would also be made available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Gameloft announced in early September that their endless-running game for Despicable Me 2 surpassed 100 million downloads in less than 3 months and that Despicable Me: Minion Rush players have played the game for more than 260 million hours total. Despicable Me: Minion Rush earned the #2 spot in the iOS App Store download rankings, but the summer movie season seems to be winding down as August is the first month this summer without a mo
vie-based game debuting in the Top 10 for either the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Two new games released in August debuted in the Top 10 with Tencent’s 天天爱消除 (WeMatch) landing at #4 and Disney’s Where’s My Mickey? Free landing at #5. 天天爱消除 (WeMatch) is a line-matching game where users have to identify which rows or columns in a grid match and Where’s My Mickey? Free is in the same style as Disney’s popular Where’s My Water? app that features physics-based puzzles. Where’s My Mickey? Free is part of an effort by Disney to reintroduce their most iconic character to a new generation of children and the game’s 2D animation matches the style of their new short-form series on the Disney Channel, Mickey Mouse.

4 Pics 1 Song made its debut in the Top 10 at #9 after climbing 31 spots since July. The music trivia game by US-based Game Circus asks users to guess which song is represented by a series of 4 pictures. The picture-based trivia style of gameplay has proven successful in recent months for other games like LOTUM’s 4 Pics 1 Word, CamMax’s Hi Guess the Brand, and Hortor’s 疯狂猜图 (Picture Quiz Madness). 4 Pics 1 Song is a fairly unique title in Game Circus’ portfolio as most of their apps are based on carnival games such as coin-pushers and whack-a-mole. Although initially released in late May, 4 Pics 1 Song did not begin climbing the rankings until after their July 2nd update that gave users the ability to ask for help solving a puzzle on Twitter:


4 Pics 1 Song Image
4 Pics 1 Song designed its Twitter integration to help users get hints and market their app at the same time.


Rounding out the Top 10, Rovio’s Angry Birds spinoff Bad Piggies shot up 815 spots to land at #10. Rovio released a major update and temporarily lowered its price from $0.99 to free while it was Apple’s App of the Week and featured on the iTunes home page in over 150 countries from August 2nd through the 7th:


Bad Piggies Chart
Bad Piggies was featured as Apple’s App of the Week and offered for free the first week of August.


Top Game Apps by Monthly DownloadsGoogle Play August 2013

Game Rank Change
vs. July 2013
Publisher Headquarters Subcategory
1 Candy Crush Saga 1 King United Kingdom Casual
2 Despicable Me 1 Gameloft France Casual
3 Subway Surfers 1 Kiloo Denmark Arcade & Action
4 Pou 1 Zakeh Lebanon Casual
5 Temple Run 2 1 Imangi Studios United States Arcade & Action
6 Bike Xtreme 313 TerranDroid United States Racing
7 Fruit Ninja Free 1 Halfbrick Studios Australia Arcade & Action
8 Angry Birds 1 Rovio Finland Arcade & Action
9 Hill Climb Racing 1 Fingersoft Finland Racing
10 Fast Racing 3D 7 Doodle Mobile China Racing
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™


Candy Crush Saga returned to the #1 spot after conceding the spot to Gameloft’s Despicable Me in July, but the many of the other apps in the Top 10 remained uncharacteristically stable. After seeing at least three new games in the Top 10 each month from January to June and two new games in the Top 10 in July, Bike Xtreme was the only new game to break into the Top 10 in August. The side-scrolling bike racing game from TerranDroid was released exclusively for Android and featured on the Google Play home page in 28 countries on July 26th, the day it was released. Bike Xtreme was the third racing game of the summer to break into the Top 10 most downloaded games on Google Play after Doodle Mobile’s Real Racing 3D rose to #3 in the July Games Index and Kabam’s Fast & Furious 6: The Game rose to #10 in the June Games Index.

Kiloo’s Subway Surfers extended their World Tour to Beijing in August. The World Tour began in January and Kiloo has added a new level each month for New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Rome, Tokyo, Miami and Paris. In the beginning of September, Kiloo announced that Subway Surfers passed 250 million downloads via their Facebook page.


Subway Surfers Beijing ImageSubway Surfers Moscow Image
Subway Surfers’ World Tour landed in Beijing in August and is moving on to Moscow in September.


Top Game Apps by Monthly RevenueiOS August 2013

Game Rank Change
vs. July 2013
Publisher Headquarters Subcategory
1 Clash of Clans 1 Supercell Finland Action, Strategy
2 Candy Crush Saga 1 King United Kingdom Arcade, Puzzle
3 Puzzle & Dragons - GungHo Online Japan Role Playing, Puzzle
4 Hay Day - Supercell Finland Family, Simulation
5 The Simpsons™: Tapped Out - Electronic Arts United States Simulation, Adventure
6 Top Eleven 1 Nordeus Serbia Sports, Simulation
7 LINE Pokopang 18 LINE Japan Puzzle, Action
8 Big Fish Casino 4 Big Fish Games United States Card, Casino
9 The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth 3 Kabam United States Strategy, Simulation
10 Slots - Pharaoh's Way 3 CERVO MEDIA Austria Dice, Casino
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™


Clash of Clans reclaimed the #1 position in the iOS App Store monthly revenue ranking after celebrating its one year anniversary in early August. Supercell celebrated the milestone with a promotion that boosted the effectiveness of resource collectors in the game for the first week of August. Supercell’s other game in the Top 5, Hay Day, continued to perform strongly and maintained its position as the #4 highest revenue generating game on the iOS App Store. In an interview with the Financial Times, Supercell’s CEO revealed that they are “very actively” thinking about an Android release of their two hit games so they can expand their presence in Asian markets.

Although LINE has had titles consistently rank in the Top 10 grossing games for Google Play since April, LINE Pokopang is their first app to enter the Top 10 grossing games for the iOS App Store in 2013. August also saw two casino apps make their way into the Top 10. After a one month hiatus, Austrian-based CERVO MEDIA’s Slots - Pharaoh’s Way climbed back into the Top 10 while Big Fish Casino from Big Fish Games landed at #8.


Top Game Apps by Monthly RevenueGoogle Play August 2013

App Rank Change
vs. July 2013
Publisher Headquarters Subcategory
1 パズル&ドラゴンズ (Puzzle & Dragons) - GungHo Online Japan Brain & Puzzle
2 Candy Crush Saga 1 King United Kingdom Casual
3 LINE Pokopang 2 LINE Japan Brain & Puzzle
4 모두의마블 (Everybody's Marble) for Kakao 2 CJ E&M South Korea Casual
5 LINE WIND runner 1 LINE Japan Arcade & Action
6 쿠키런 (Cookie Run) for Kakao - Devsisters South Korea Casual
7 The Simpsons™: Tapped Out 5 Electronic Arts United States Casual
8 Anipang for Kakao 5 SUNDAYTOZ South Korea Brain & Puzzle
9 The Hobbit: Kingdoms 1 Kabam United States Arcade & Action
10 神魔之塔 (Tower of Saviors) 1 Mad Head Hong Kong Brain & Puzzle
SOURCE: App Annie Index ™


GungHo Online’s Puzzle & Dragons continues to perform well in Japan and has maintained its position as the top revenue generating game on Google Play every month in 2013. After climbing 79 spots to make it into the Top 5 in July, LINE Pokopang rose two more spots to land in the Top 3 in August. An update to the app in late July added a number of features, but also included the addition of new “SHOP” and “INVITE” buttons on the item pages. Around the same time, LINE Pokopang’s gross rank began increasing in countries such as Australia and India:


LINE Pokopang Chart
LINE Pokopang continues to climb the ranks of the top grossing games on Google Play.


EA’s The Simpsons™: Tapped Out and Anipang for Kakao from SUNDAYTOZ both climbed 5 spots back into the Top 10. The Simpsons™: Tapped Out added a theme park map in the beginning of August that lets users rebuild Krustyland with new rides, games, mascots and quests. SUNDAYTOZ celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Anipang’s launch at the end of July and announced that they have accumulated over 22 million downloads. The match-three puzzle game also received an update at the end of August that integrated a friendship scoring system and social giving so users can share the hearts needed to play.

神魔之塔 (Tower of Saviors) from Hong Kong-based publisher Mad Head combines elements of a match-three puzzle game with a role-playing game and features characters from Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Chinese mythology. An update at the beginning of July added a number of new features, including a 12 Zodiacs story mode and a newly optimized procedure for purchasing the diamonds that let you keep playing. This update was released shortly after Mad Head celebrated Tower of Savior’s half-year launch and before they announced that the game had surpassed 6 million downloads worldwide. Speaking with App Annie about the success of 神魔之塔 (Tower of Saviors), a representative from Mad Head explained their plans to expand the game’s audience: "Madhead targets our games at Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Malaysian markets where 'Tower of Saviors' has become a smash hit. We also have licensing partnerships with reputed companies including Tencent and Storm8 that will publish and localize our game in other regions very soon."


Tower of Saviors Image
神魔之塔 (Tower of Saviors) celebrated its half-year launch with a series of events in August.


For those of you who also are looking for an update on top apps other than games, please check out the August 2013 Apps Index.


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