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App Annie Decode 2015 is a Wrap — Get Insights on the Mobile App Economy

Over the past two months we’ve been traveling around the world as part of our App Annie Decode roadshow. This exclusive event for mobile professionals brought industry experts together over drinks and appetizers to share insights and best practices in app business strategies.

Since October, we’ve hosted 9 events for mobile professionals in North America (Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Atlanta), Europe (Paris, Berlin, London) and Asia (Guangzhou, Chengdu). Experts from companies like Orbitz, Kik Messenger,, PBS Kids and Playtika joined us to uncover app economy insights intended to transform the way professionals like yourself should think about user acquisition, app monetization, competitive analysis and more.

Miss out on this year’s events? Don’t worry — we have you covered. Below are some of the standout talks from the North American leg of our tour.

Thinking Beyond the Smartphone With Danielle Levitas, SVP, Research and Analysis at App Annie

Danielle kicked off each stop on the North American tour with a keynote introducing the state of the app economy. She discussed the growth of mobile OSes and the tremendous revenue opportunity for publishers, but also touched on the challenges they face, including identifying the most effective monetization models, going beyond smartphones to tackle new and emerging platforms, and finding ways to reduce friction for users.

Danielle also discussed the importance of mobile app analytics in both monitoring your own app’s performance as well as benchmarking against competitors.

Ronalda Clifton, Head of Insights at Kik Messenger, Demonstrates Data-Driven Mobile Growth Strategies

At our Toronto stop, Ronalda Clifton took the stage to discuss how publishers should leverage mobile data to drive growth. Essentially, “growth hacking” for mobile comes down to using data to influence user behavior and, in turn, achieve growth.

During her discussion, she covered her career path, the current technology landscape, how publishers can hone in on the top metrics associated with growth — including analyzing the retention curve —  and her team’s approach to growth for Kik Messenger.

When discussing growth, Ronalda said, “You have to know why your users are staying. Growth is about focusing on how you keep more users with you and on your platform. So the focus is on how many users are active on a monthly basis and how many days from acquisition they will be active … What are the behaviors we can influence — as marketers, as growth hackers, as growth marketers — in order to drive that up by a very marginal amount at a time.”

Joe Miscavige, Sr. Manager of Digital Analytics at PBS, Discusses User Acquisition and Engagement

Joe joined Danielle Levitas for a “fireside chat” to discuss how PBS Kids uses data to increase user engagement and enhance learning opportunities for its audience: young children.

Danielle asked Joe about the role of the mobile web on PBS Kids’ app strategy.  “We’re seeing a giant shift to mobile,” he said. “Users — our users, kids 2–5 — are leaving desktop and moving to the app space. They’re skipping mobile web.”

He also spoke about user acquisition strategies. Given the content PBS Kids focuses on as well as the audience, the company is in a unique position where they’ve been able to forego paid mobile UA campaigns up until this point. Instead, they’ve focused on their brand equity, word-of-mouth marketing and influencer networks to promote installs.

Gearing Up for App Annie Decode 2016

Our (expanded) global tour will pick back up again in early 2016. Stay tuned for dates and locations. We hope to see you there!

December 18, 2015

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