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Even More Download & Spend Data From the App Annie 2017-2022 Forecast

Sam Cheney and Eric Thompson

To accompany our new report, we’re releasing in-depth data detailing key metrics and regional breakdowns


We’re excited to have published our 2017-2022 global app economy forecast. In that report you’ll find a comprehensive in-depth analysis and commentary on the app store downloads and consumer spend trends we see spanning out over 5 years.

To complement the 2017-2022 Forecast Report, we’ve provided this detailed data sheet with even more-granular views of the forecasted metrics, including:

  • Additional time periods
  • Growth rates
  • Apps versus games segmentation
  • Much more

How to Access the Data:

To access that data, fill out the form below and it will display immediately on this page. (Current customers don’t need to re-enter their information - just log-in with your username and password to access the data below.)

If you’re a professional in the app economy, we believe you’ll find this additional data immensely valuable.

May 2, 2018

Market Data

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