Introducing:’s Top Publisher Award Winners of 2022 celebrates its 10th annual Top Publisher Awards — awarding the leading publishers and brands from around the world

We are very pleased to announce the 2022 Level Up Top Publisher Awards by In its 10th year, the Top Publisher Awards celebrates the most successful mobile companies from around the world.

As we headed into 2022, we saw consumers spend more time and money than ever before — including nearly ⅓ of all waking hours — on mobile devices. Mobile is our primary place to play, connect, stream, date, bank and manage all aspects of our lives. The Top Publisher Awards truly reflect this trend, with gaming and streaming sectors dominating the global charts, while food delivery and fintech were popular in local regions.

The 2022 Level Up Top Publisher Awards by marks 10 years of our flagship Top 52 Publisher Awards — celebrating the most innovative and successful publishers from around the world. This 2022 Awards also recognize best-in-class mobile publishers across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. 

Celebrating the Top 52 Publishers by Global Consumer Spend’s 2022 Level Up Top 52 Publisher award celebrates the top companies by app store consumer spend in the last calendar year — a year with record-breaking consumer spend of over $170 billion.


For a complete list of winners in other categories for’s Level Up Top Publishers Awards 2022, click here.

Announcing the Top 30 Publishers Across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA’s 2022 Level Up Top Publishers Award also includes the Top 30 Regional Publishers by global app store consumer spend — celebrating the most successful mobile players from each region across the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA. This year, we’ve also included several country-level rankings among select industries. 

The winners of this year’s Top 30 Regional Publishers include: 

For a complete list of winners in other categories for’s Level Up Top Publishers Awards 2022, click here.


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April 12, 2022 News

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