News Awarded Data Platform of the Year at the 2023 App Growth Awards

In App Promotion Summit’s annual recognition, has won the inaugural App Data Platform of the Year award.

The App Growth Awards are the annual barometer for the global app growth and marketing ecosystem. Launched in 2017 by the team behind App Promotion Summit, the awards were the first to recognize industry innovation and success in mobile.

We are honored to be awarded this high distinction for the App Data Platform of the Year. This award is awarded to the app data platform that has provided the best intelligence to the app industry. We are proud to be the industry’s leading mobile data and intelligence platform trusted by 78 of the top 100 app publishers, including Google, Tencent, Epic Games, VISA, Samsung, LINE, Meta, TikTok, Amazon, Sega, Uber, Walmart, DiDi, Disney, Activision, Electronic Arts and Microsoft.

As the trusted source for the digital economy, our mission is to help businesses maximize their mobile performance through applied artificial intelligence.’s proprietary measurement for app performance powered by applied ai, Mobile Performance Score (MPS), unlocks mobile insights to drive decisions for the world's leading brands. We passionately serve enterprise clients to create winning digital experiences for their customers. 

Breadth & Depth of Our Data Offerings has unparalleled breadth and depth of data for the entire mobile growth journey across user acquisition, engagement, retention, overseas expansion, sentiment, and monetization, including market level, unified app level (iOS, Google Play, and Third-Party Android stores in China combined), and app level data estimates for 175 countries — more than any other mobile intelligence provider. We are the only mobile data platform providing visibility into the Third-Party Android market in China, responsible for 25% of the world’s mobile app store spend. offers the most complete view of metrics including app downloads, revenue, rankings, app features, timeline app updates view, ASO metrics (keyword performance and ranking), ad performance, creative gallery, download channel, paid search, active users (daily, weekly, monthly), usage penetration, time spent, sessions, megabytes consumed, demographics (age and gender), ratings and reviews, advanced reviews featuring sentiment analysis and topical clustering, cross-app usage and affinity, daily and monthly retention and SDK installs.

Our Competitive Differentiation & Innovation’s mission is to maximize mobile performance through applied ai by unlocking consumer and market insights to accelerate competitive advantages across mobile and all digital channels globally. is the only mobile intelligence company to offer Total App Revenue, launched just this year, including both in-app purchase revenue through the app stores and advertising revenue (which makes up ⅔ of mobile monetization accounting for $336 billion of the $503 billion in consumer spending in 2022). offers unparalleled granularity into in-app purchase behavior data, showing volume and revenue for individual app store SKUs. We also offer app usage data down the city-level granularity for hyper-local analysis of mobile app performance. Our Game IQ and App IQ taxonomy is the first in the industry to provide ai-driven classification of apps, allowing for granular and robust categorization and analysis at scale. 

Preparing Mobile Businesses for Future Success Through Applied ai

We don’t stop with today. We are future-proofing our solutions with applied artificial intelligence — ensuring our customers can rely on us to provide trusted mobile estimates in the face of changing industry regulations. Our industry-first MPS exemplifies our commitment to ai-powered innovation — creating estimates with less reliance on outside data signals. This exemplifies our commitment to supplying market data for historical and future estimates, as well as adding in predictive (what could you do to improve) and prescriptive (what should you do to improve) elements. These signals are the next frontier of innovation. 

Ready to take your mobile performance to the next level with the App Data Platform of the year?

December 8, 2023 News

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