Maximize App Store Revenue With IAP SKU (In-App Purchase SKU)

Discover the highest performing IAP SKUs and gain granular visibility into consumer trends and price elasticity

The app store economy has grown to $170 billion presenting a tremendous revenue opportunity. Unfortunately, brands and publishers are unable to maximize their revenue potential because they have no granular visibility into consumer trends, price elasticity and effective in-app purchase strategies.

IAP SKU is an industry-first solution that helps publishers build world class IAP strategies. This unique offering provides granular benchmarking and unmatched visibility into a competitors’ highest performing SKUs.

For the first time, IAP SKU helps Identify the most popular items (ex: subscriptions or one-time purchases) and how consumers respond to price points across different markets. Unlock sophisticated IAP strategies optimized for your app mechanics and accelerate your path to maximize revenue.

“IAP SKU was extremely useful for us — we were able to identify why our monetization strategy fell short. IAP SKU showed us that we did not offer the right packages (SKUs) relative to the competition.”

— Bin Bin Wang, Marketing Manager, Funplus

Why Wait? Maximize App Store Revenue Today with IAP SKU

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March 28, 2022 News
Product Announcements

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