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Transparency and compliance have never been more important, leads by example.

At, we strive to demonstrate our commitment to integrity, accountability, and responsible corporate conduct. These values are crucial for building trust with customers, investors, and stakeholders. It involves being open and honest about our business practices and potential compliance risks or challenges. We will continuously invest in earning your trust as the foremost alternative data provider.
We firmly believe in leading by example and are excited to share our journey and industry benchmarking efforts as we continue to push forward with innovative endeavors.

Our Commitment

As the importance of digital and mobile economies grows, industry leaders increasingly rely on market intelligence to inform their strategic decision-making. What is even more important is for companies to obtain data in an ethical, privacy-centric, and accurate way. At data ai, we strive to uphold the highest compliance standards in the alternative data market. We understand that our customers trust us, and we have invested significantly in people, processes, and technologies to ensure that we exceed their expectations and industry standards.

Guided by this principle, we invested in technology and processes to eliminate confidential public company data from our algorithms, which we believe should be a foundational standard for the industry. It is known that we previously settled an SEC investigation involving certain practices prior to the middle of 2018. If anything, going through this process made us even more vigilant about keeping a compliance-first culture and earning and maintaining the trust of customers, investors, and stakeholders.

Since mid-2018, has taken the following steps: 

Our commitment to maintaining the highest data compliance standards has led us to assemble a specialized team of experts from diverse disciplines. This team comprises professionals from our Partnership, Data Acquisition, Data Science, Product Development, Privacy, Security, Compliance, and Legal, who work hand-in-hand to uphold rigorous data compliance standards.

We work closely with our data partners, negotiate legal contracts, and ensure that all contractual terms and policies associated with our services and B2C apps comply with current data and privacy regulations.

Other notable changes include:


  • Hired a new General Counsel and Head of Global Compliance & Privacy
  • Implemented and maintained an organization-wide culture of compliance, requiring policies, controls, and processes (Please visit our Trust and Assurance page for details)
  • Created and maintained internal and independent auditing protocols
  • Established an internal review process to approve sales and marketing assets to ensure the accurate representation of product methodology and internal processes.


  • Established and maintained ISO 27001/27701 certification of our products and sales activities.
  • Developed a thorough due-diligence program for the collection of data from third-party data partners.
  • Prohibited manual post-model estimate alterations and strictly limited input and model code-bug corrections as prescribed by documented Intelligence Model Assurance Policy
  • Updated and maintained processes to prevent the use of MNPI of public companies in its models used to generate estimates for its Intelligence services, including using CapIQ and other tools designed to identify public companies.
  • Enhanced and maintained controls and related audits regarding data ingestion into our data science models to ensure the exclusion of confidential public company data.


  • Improved and maintained global access controls across the organization.  
  • Updated product Terms of Service and Privacy Policies designed to meet the requirements of applicable data protection and privacy laws. 
  • Updated and maintained the following internal key policies:
    • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
    • Global Insider Trading Policy
    •  Global Data Protection Policy
    •  Security Policies and Procedures
    • Vendor Gating Procedures
    • Data Partner Due Diligence Reviews
    • Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy
    • Whistleblower Policy and
    •  Intelligence Model Assurance Policy 
  • Established and delivered an ongoing global training program, including topics such as:
    • Insider Trading (MNPI)
    • Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption
    • Security and Privacy
  • Required organization-wide completion of key certifications, including:
    • Insider Trading Attestations and Preclearance Trading Requirement
    • Sales & Support Certification & Audits
    • Data Science l Methodology & Process Certifications & Audits. 

Our leadership team is fully committed to furthering our values and “compliance-first” culture. 


To learn more about our end-to-end data science models and systems, please refer to the blog of Melania Calinescu, our Head of Data Science.

March 29, 2023 News

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