Boost your Monetization Strategy with IAP Revenue Insights on ConnectPlus

David Galante

In-App Revenue Insights provides you with comprehensive visibility across your different revenue streams and SKUs

Entertainment and games consumption continue to grow on mobile at an astonishing rate 🚀. In 2021, there were over 230 apps and games that individually surpassed $100M in annual consumer spend. And 13 of them captured more than $1 Billion in consumer spend!

For app publishers, consumer adoption of mobile commerce, gaming and entertainment translates to BIG MONEY 💰 from in-app purchases. This is why having the ability to analyze all your in-app revenue streams and digital items or SKUs in one place is your NEW superpower. At the end of the day you want to know which SKU(s) and price points drive the top line for you across iOS and Android.

With In-app Revenue Insights on ConnectPlus, you have a NEW and FREE powerful tool for optimizing your in-app monetization strategy. In-app Revenue Insights provides you with comprehensive visibility across your different IAP revenue streams and SKUs. Now you can analyze your IAP sales across iOS and Android apps for any lookback period, broken down by One-Time Purchase vs Subscription, and by the Subcategories of Consumable, Non-Consumable, Auto-Renewable, and Non-Renewing. You can also drill down to analyze in-app purchases by SKU, so you can trade-off price points and purchase volumes to maximize revenue.

Those existential questions

As a publishers here are some questions that we are sure you are dealing with everyday:

  • Ever wondered how your revenue stream from subscriptions look compared to your one-time purchase items?  
  • You ran a promotion for Earth Day for one of your digital items or SKUs. Did it move the needle? What about that limited time SKU offer you had up for 7 days during the week leading to Valentine's day? 
  • When trying to plan your future digital merchandising efforts , which of your current  SKU performs the best so you can plan for more like that SKU? Which one should you retire? 
  • How about managing your SKUs price points according to users actual purchasing behavior so you are not leaving any money on the table? Maybe your users are not as price sensitive as you thought?
  • What about geographical variations?

I'm all 'bout that SKU, 'bout that SKU, no treble

ConnectPlus offers the ability to analyze sales performance of IAP SKUs for iOS and Android applications in a single dashboard. The ‘IAP Revenue’ report allows you to analyze sales data broken down by IAP Type or Item. 

Balance your app’s economy - Analyze by IAP Type

With the IAP Type report, you can see your total IAP Revenue and contributions of One-time Purchases and Subscriptions towards your IAP revenue. With this report, you can analyze the impact of the two approaches, over time and by region. For instance if Subscriptions drive more sales, you might want to increase your marketing efforts or investment in product improvements for your subscription offering. 

Get your Subscription Plans Right

With Subscription revenue you can study the total number of IAP subscription SKUs sold during the time period. Sales of Auto-Renewable subscriptions and Non-Renewing subscriptions are combined to determine ‘Subscription Revenue’ for the given period.  By taking a deeper look at these reports you can figure out which subscription packages are most effective in driving sales and adjust your subscription length and pricing strategy. You can also review this data for a time when you ran a promotion and assess its effectiveness. Don't leave any money on the table!

Find the winning SKU

The One-Time Purchase tab displays sales which are attributed to in-app items or SKUs which do not repeat over time.  You can see one-time purchases broken down into consumable and non-consumable. Consumable items could be Virtual Currency, Credits or Power Ups which are used during game play or during the app experience and are depleted with usage from the user account. Non-Consumables are purchases which are persistent throughout the app experience such as purchasing the Ad-Free version of the app. 

With the IAP Items report you can select a single app for a deeper analysis of revenue from IAPs. Armed with an understanding of which SKUs have the highest volume and revenue, you can be confident when making decisions to optimize. 

Having visibility to these data points helps you determine if items are priced right. For instance a popular item that sells at high volume might be a good candidate for a price increase. An item that sells at a low volume might be either too expensive or simply not appealing. 

Lastly you can take a look at how items sold during a time when you ran a promotion. 

All-in-all,  you now have a powerful tool-set to be on top of your game ! You are going to be ready for your Summer Sale! ConnectPlus

Track data points around your entire funnel – from downloads to revenue – all from one unified dashboard.

March 29, 2022 News

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