App Annie is now - the 1st Unified Data AI company

Ted Krantz, CEO

We are proud to unveil that we are now and are establishing a big enterprise market opportunity: “Unified Data AI”.

The name reflects our vision to drive comprehensive digital performance with products and partnerships. We are the first company to combine consumer and market data to fuel digital insights applying the power of artificial intelligence. This is Unified Data AI

According to PwC, 60% of executives cite digital transformation as the top growth driver in 2022. The digital ecosystem, however, remains fragmented and relies too much on in-house IT, data science resources, agencies, and manual processes. This creates significant distraction from the core business. Digital performance benefits from a single point of control that unifies disparate datasets, illuminating mission critical metrics like customer acquisition cost, lifetime value and ROI. Our mission is to take complexity out of the equation by providing a unified view across all channels and illuminating opportunities with artificial intelligence.

I am also excited to announce our reseller agreement with Similarweb that provides the first unified mobile and web market dataset.  Partnerships will remain a priority for us as we deliver on additional datasets while we maintain focus on artificial intelligence to drive prescriptive recommendations across all digital channels - web, console, OTT and streaming services.

Today we are the mobile standard which is the tip of the spear and where the market is going. However, we see a blue ocean opportunity to assemble a broader variety of digital datasets and activate artificial intelligence so that enterprises can compete at a higher level. We are proud to be the first data company to offer these unique data science capabilities.

Today, we are the mobile standard.

Tomorrow, we will unify all digital opportunities.

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February 15, 2022 News

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