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Snapchat’s Four App Marketing Tips to Win in the New Year

Our recent webinar with Snapchat discussed how to optimize your mobile strategy to reach Gen Z. Snapchat has a few more tips to share in time for the new year.

We’ve covered in-depth why you need a strong mobile strategy for Gen Z. Not only is this mobile generation growing in influence, it’s also made up of consumers with vastly different expectations for engaging with businesses. We further uncovered key insights you need to know to win Gen Z on mobile in a webinar with Snapchat — the standout Social & Communications app for reaching Gen Z from our report. They were one of the first to develop content — and a platform — specifically for a generation that uses social media more for entertainment than to keep in touch.

If you’re looking for new ways to reach Gen Z and other advice for mobile marketers during the holiday season and into the new year, take a look at Snapchat’s four app marketing tips to win the new year and at their infographic on why December and January are key months for user acquisition and re-engagement.


Tip 1: Plan Beyond December 25th

When install volumes spike from December 25 through January, your marketing strategies should include more campaigns during this time, followed by a sustained plan to nurture these new users in January after intense holiday competition subsides.

Tip 2: Don’t Forget Gen Z

Gen Z is the definitive mobile generation. Their buying power is growing as well, now commanding $323 billion in direct buying power and $1.2 trillion in indirect purchasing power. Don’t overlook this demographic when planning your app content and ad campaigns.

Tip 3: Re-engage Users as They Change Devices 

Phones are some of the most popular gifts during the holidays, and Snapchatters are no exception to this trend. On Christmas, US Snapchatters turn on 4x as many new phones than on an average day meaning 34M Snapchat users may upgrade their phone this holiday season.

Tip 4: Cut Through With Impactful Formats

Given the holidays are hectic for consumers and marketers alike, start running campaigns before January. Early campaign learnings will help you plan and scale up winners in January when auction competition decreases.

To read the in-depth details for Snapchat’s tips, check out the full article on their blog.

December 18, 2019

Customer Stories

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