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App Annie Helps MoPub Serve as a Trusted Partner to Mobile Publishers Worldwide

Learn how MoPub uses App Annie Intelligence to partner with publishers on demand strategies that maximize monetization efforts, while providing with the right tools and best practices to help achieve objectives.

MoPub provides trusted monetization solutions for mobile app publishers around the globe. Today, mobile app publishers and developers use MoPub’s platform to drive maximum revenue for every ad impression and control their user experience, while marketers enjoy access to high quality mobile audiences at maximum scale. The company has been helping mobile app publishers grow their businesses since 2010. MoPub was acquired by Twitter in 2013.

Before working with App Annie, the MoPub sales team leveraged their own extensive experience and data to choose their focus verticals and better support mobile app publishers throughout the sales engagement process. While this expertise was critical, they wanted to be able to validate those ideas with the help of external data. In order to accomplish this, they needed a partner that would complement their internal data and workflows of their global workforce - and looked to App Annie Intelligence as a potential solution.

Take a look at our new MoPub customer story by clicking below to see how App Annie helped MoPub validate their hunches, and focus on what truly matters to the company's clients.

March 3, 2020

Customer Stories

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