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Understand and Improve Mobile Game Performance Like Ilyon

Learn how Ilyon Games can easily monitor the performance of all their games in a single place and analyze the trends from partners with App Annie Ascend.


Ilyon Games, home to one of the most popular arcade and puzzle titles, Bubble Shooter, monetizes its engaged, active and growing audience mainly through ads and IAP (in-app purchases). The Israel-based studio’s portfolio includes over 40 casual games and has already reached more than 500 million downloads globally.

To maximize the revenue from their advertising inventory, llyon uses multiple ad networks and mediation platforms. With the company expanding, adding new connections has become part of their routine.

This entails building and updating partner APIs which took a considerable amount of developers’ time. “We were constantly adding new ad networks and needed to develop API integrations quickly, in order to adapt,'' states Roy Tzayag, VP of Product Marketing and Monetization at Ilyon.

With so many connections, sifting through various dashboards was “hard and time-consuming,” according to Tzayag.


Monetization experts and data analysts are increasingly strapped for time. Ilyon leans heavily on App Annie Ascend to save time on data collection and boost productivity. Since using the tool, the company is able to easily monitor the performance of all their games in a single place and analyze the trends from the various partners they use.

Adding new partners became a breeze as well. “App Annie Ascend enables us to add new networks in the click of a button and saves us a lot of time in data collection,” says Eli Peschansky, Data Analyst at Ilyon.

With a large number of titles in its portfolio, the studio generates enormous amounts of data. App Annie Ascend gave the team the ability to centralize all their data in order to extract value. With easy access to calculated metrics, Ilyon’s team has a clearer understanding of their games performance.

“App Annie Ascend helps us track everything in a one-stop shop solution, with custom visualizations and calculations,” states Tzayag.


Saving developers' time and the associated cost spent on activities, such as building and updating APIs, is just one of the many benefits that App Annie Ascend provides.

Peschansky also highlighted that App Annie Ascend gives them access to a crucial component for trustworthy reports: accurate data. From there Peschansky says, “we can export custom reports from App Annie Ascend to our BigQuery data warehouse easily”.

“Using App Annie Ascend combined with an efficient monetization strategy is helping us grow our revenue on a yearly basis,” concludes Tzayag. 

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March 31, 2020

Customer Stories

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