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App Annie's Advanced Search Validates Mapbox's Impact & Go-to-Market Strategy

Learn how Mapbox used App Annie’s SDK data and continued partnership to target their best-fit customers, and saved time and money by focusing on the right accounts.

Mapbox is a live location data platform powering maps and navigation experiences for mobile, web, gaming, and automotive. The company maintains software development kits (SDKs) for developers building for Android, iOS, Unity 3D, and web, as well as application programming interfaces for rendering maps and performing spatial functions.

Mapbox needed help validating the impact of their tools for mobile developers beyond anecdotal evidence and finding the best leads to share that insight with. Adam Stanco, Product Strategy at Mapbox recalls, “It was hard for our account managers to set KPIs for customers, track them, and produce those results.” Mapbox needed an independent third party to validate customer results after they integrated the Mapbox SDK - and turned to App Annie Intelligence for assistance.

Take a look at our new Mapbox customer story by clicking below to see how App Annie became a crucial part of Mapbox’s go-to-market strategy.

January 31, 2020

Customer Stories

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