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Here's How Futureplay Optimizes Monetization and Scales UA

Find out how App Annie Ascend helps Futureplay to achieve their goals; optimizing monetization and scaling UA, in this interview with Camilo Fitzgerald.

Helsinki-based game company Futureplay Games relies primarily on rewarded video ads for monetization. In fact, they’ve coined the term ‘view-to-play’ to define a business model in which games are built from the ground up around rewarded video.

With over 1 billion ads served, the creator of mobile games Idle Farming Empire, Idle City Empire, and Battlelands Royale keeps its players engaged with an effective and clever video ad-integration monetization model that has already attracted more than 70 million players.

To run an effective ‘view-to-play’ model, Futureplay needs to get the ad revenue attribution picture correct. Find out how App Annie Ascend helps them to achieve their goals as we chat with Camilo Fitzgerald, one of the minds behind the game studio’s business intelligence team.

Here is a quick summary of Futureplay's strategy to optimize monetization and scale UA:


  • Aggregate data from all partners to monitor KPIs and optimize Ad Ops
  • Save time organizing reports to focus on games


  • Automate data collection and normalization
  • Get consistent data daily
  • Provide full visibility of the health of the company


  • Optimize rewarded video units
  • 5 impressions per DAU with average eCPM of $20-$30 in the US
  • ARPDAU of 10 cents helped scaling UA & bringing more players

Read on for the full interview. 

L: What challenges were you experiencing prior to using App Annie Ascend? What were the goals you set out to achieve?

CF: Collection of aggregated revenue and spend data from our partners was a serious challenge. We're advertising on 10+ networks such as Facebook and Twitter, monetizing on 5 networks including Unity and AdColony, and connected to the iTunes and Google Play stores.

We require data from all our partners to inform all aspects of our business including financial reporting, ad ops, KPI monitoring, LTV modeling, user acquisition, and product management. Implementing and maintaining all the API pulls ourselves would have taken a significant chunk of developer time, so we sought out a solution to handle this and concentrate on aspects of our analytics solution that differentiate us as a company.

L: What were your priorities when evaluating automated reporting solutions?

CF: Our top priorities were a responsive and friendly team to work with, robust and consistent data, automated normalization, deep granularity of data, and breadth of integrations. App Annie Ascend scored 10/10 in each of these categories for us.

L: How long did it take to get the App Annie Ascend solution up and running?

CF: App Annie Ascend was up and running in under a day. It took 20 minutes to enter the API keys for our partners after which App Annie Ascend's own dashboards began displaying data. The rules for normalizing existing and future units were set up online in an hour. Finally, we developed a server script in a few hours to pull App Annie Ascend's normalized data into our internal analytics systems in BigQuery.

Our connection has worked seamlessly ever since with almost zero maintenance required. We use App Annie Ascend on a regular basis and use the data as the foundation for the vast majority of our business decisions and data-driven processes. Futureplay Games has already attracted more than 70 million players with their view-to-play monetization model.

L: How have you benefited from using App Annie Ascend?

CF: Everyone at Futureplay uses the data provided by App Annie Ascend on a regular basis. We use the data as the foundation for the vast majority of our business decisions and data driven processes. Examples include ad revenue attribution for our LTV model that allowed us to grow our UA spend on a ROI positive basis, sanity checks on install reports from ad networks, reconciliation of IAP revenue and spend reported by stores against that reported on client devices, day-to-day game KPI monitoring, and optimization of the ad networks we have integrated into in our games.

L: Is there a particular feature that you use more? 

CF: Automated data normalization and API pulls are the core strength of App Annie Ascend for us. Our custom analytics solution is a key component of our View-to-Play monetization strategy allowing us to, for example, optimize our in-house ad mediation solution and attribute ad revenue at a user level.

L: What are the results App Annie Ascend helps you achieve?

CF: It's hard to pick one specific example since App Annie Ascend's data informs our processes company wide.

Perhaps one of the biggest achievements is the optimization of our rewarded video units using aggregated impression and revenue data to the point where we're now consistently getting 5 impressions per daily active user with an average of $20-$30 eCPM in the US. This results in a ARPDAU (Average Revenue per Daily Active User) of 10 cents even when our IAPs are not taken into account, which has really helped us scale our UA efforts and bring more players into our games.

App Annie Ascend is a SaaS solution trusted by leading app and game companies to automate data collection, normalization and reporting. With App Annie Ascend, your data stays 100% private, so you are always the one in control.

Read Futureplay's full customer story here. 

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March 2, 2020

Customer Stories

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