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Taylor Lundgren

A overview of the Insights available in ConnectPlus and how they benefit customers like you. Figure out how to customize your dashboard and make it so you’re able to benchmark yourself quickly against your competition.

As a mobile app professional, you have a lot of data. Mobile data adds up quickly and with all of the metrics coming into your reporting platform it can be overwhelming to find actionable insights or see how you stack up against your competition.

With ConnectPlus, by, we help you make sense of it all. It’s as simple as a few quick clicks and our connectors unify your data landscape. 

First party data is only one piece of the puzzle, at we have competitive data at a market level that you can narrow down to fit your benchmarking needs for real insights into your performance. Drive strategy and increase efficiency by  following market and competitor trends in your genre and over time so you can adapt and stay ahead of the game.

And best of all? It’s available at no cost.

Sound great? Let’s see how it all works.

With ConnectPlus, setup is simple. After a few quick clicks, you can establish a connection with’s analytics tools.

See more on setup with our easy to follow How To Guide.

With your data in our platform you’ll be able to visualize key performance indicators for your business by combining cost, monetization, engagement, and download metrics in one place.

Once you’ve established the metrics that are driving your success, you can start to evaluate how you stack up against the competition. With estimates, you can benchmark KPIs like downloads, active users and revenue metrics against the market to see where you have room  to improve.

Plugging into’s ConnectPlus platform is no charge and gives you access to data on the entire market. If you need more granular benchmarks you’re able to filter the data by device or genre.

What happens next?

With our ai-driven estimates you can make key decisions about your growth.

Our timely insights uncover the path to accelerated downloads, boosted revenue and staying ahead of the competition. With’s ConnectPlus dashboard you’ll be able to answer questions like:

  • How is seasonality affecting install volume in my genre and causing certain promotions to be far more impactful than others?
  • How is my revenue fluctuating throughout the week and when is the most valuable time for me to run events?
  • How do updates to my App Store lead to increases on my acquisition efficiency and does this improve ROAS?
  • And much more.

What else do I need to know? 

ConnectPlus works as a great insights tool, and combining your data with Intelligence by levels up your analysis game entirely.

With Intelligence you open up ways to evaluate and benchmark your strategies and KPIs against competitors and focus on genres you’re keeping an eye on for comparison. With estimates from downloads to revenue you’re able to follow the full funnel of performance. 

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February 22, 2024 Connect

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