How to optimize your IAP offering with ConnectPlus!

Taylor Lundgren

A general overview of the IAP features in ConnectPlus and how they benefit customers like you. Covering use cases, how to connect and what the benefits are - ConnectPlus lets you get ahead in monetization.

Monetization is the key to growing your mobile app. Optimizing your monetization strategy is the secret behind improving user value and creating better conversion on your purchase options.

But how do you start?

Purchase data is complicated. You’re tracking multiple SKUs, revenue streams, pricing changes, events and so much more. At the end of the day it’s a lot of information and without a convenient way to analyze your strategy, data can fall through the cracks creating missed opportunities and drops in revenue.

At, missed revenue due to insufficient and ineffective analysis is a thing of the past!!

Introducing In-App Purchase Revenue for ConnectPlus

With IAP Revenue Insights you unlock new capabilities to analyze your monetization strategy. We’re here to give you a single place to discover how your decisions about In-App Purchases are affecting your revenue and how you can build offerings that entice your users into monetizing.

To avoid inconsistent purchase activity and dips in revenue it’s critical you have a streamlined placed to monitor your revenue.

ConnectPlus resolves this issue by providing you a simple interface to process and visualize your data so you can spend less time with bulk, unorganized data and more time analyzing and optimizing. And best yet, ConnectPlus is no cost and available now.

IAP Revenue Insights are included with every ConnectPlus account. With the combined capabilities of our insights on your data, building a winning monetization strategy is more simple than ever before.

Make smart monetization moves.

IAP Revenue Insights are designed to give app publishers like you a clear view of which SKUs generate the most revenue and how you can maximize your purchases with smart pricing and promotional decisions. 

Additionally, you can see how much revenue is being generated from subscriptions - across all the app stores - allowing you to marry revenue streams and evaluate where your best performance is coming from. Analyze how you’re approaching monetization, evaluate subscriptions against one-time purchases and discover how to position yourself for success.

Use IAP Revenue Insights to dig into regional differences and evaluate how performance has changed over time. This allows you to discover things like:

  • How the holiday season impacted your conversion rates and emphasize SKUs that work well.
  • Which monetization strategies are contributing more to your total revenue,  subscription monetization or one-time purchase and adjust your marketing to maximize ROAS.
  • Potential pricing and conversion issues - Are my promotions and events converting at a higher rate than typical offerings?

For monetization managers who need to evaluate their strategy, analyze discounts and understand the effects of promotions this report is a must have.

How do I get started?

Getting plugged into ConnectPlus and IAP Revenue Insights is incredibly simple. You’re just a few clicks away from optimizing your monetization strategy and leveling up your growth.

With ConnectPlus you can get data visualizations for both iOS and Android, and getting integrated into our platform is easy and streamlined for both. Check out our How To Guide to get plugged in with a couple of quick permissions.

Once you’re in you’ll be able to set up your custom ConnectPlus dashboard with saved views and customized metrics. This is the ideal place to track your metrics, analyze your data and benchmark using our market leading estimates to evaluate your data.

So what’s next?

ConnectPlus is a product that we’re continuing to expand. Providing you ways to analyze your data and make smart marketing decisions is our mission and we want to be a partner for your growth.

With IAP Revenue Insights available for everyone we want to continue bringing you new ways to evaluate your performance and dig into the keys to level up your business growth.

To get started on connecting click here to begin the setup process.


February 16, 2024 Connect

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