A Truly Global Perspective on Google Play: Ranking Data for 50 New Countries!

Recently, I decided to take a trip to India. Confident in my globetrotting, I went forth armed with the only accessory anyone needs to survive – my smartphone. I had the whole thing planned out: I would land in Mumbai, Yelp a delicious restaurant, book a place to stay on HotelTonight while riding my Uber, and I’d be set!

With this vision of ease in mind, I arrived at Mumbai International to find nothing I expected to use was going to be of much help there. For restaurant recommendations I’d have to use Zomato, and if I wanted to find a last-minute hotel, I should have been looking on SavvyMob.

Needless to say, the app ecosystem varies drastically by region, and as the mobile industry matures, countries across the globe are starting to embrace apps. In 2014, emerging markets saw a sharp increase in app downloads. App developers are seeing download spikes from regions like Eastern Europe, South America and North Africa, while countries like Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and Vietnam have been pinpointed as app markets to watch in the future. We saw the need to track the top ranking apps across more markets, so we’ve added 50 more countries to our Google Play Top Charts rankings, including countries like Algeria, Peru and Morocco, so we can offer complete global coverage on iOS and Google Play.

Now that we offer support for these additional countries, you can use our Top Charts to see what the top free, paid, grossing and new free apps are across any category and country.



What Can I Do With These New Countries in Top Charts?

Find the Most Popular Apps in the Regions You’re Interested In

Let’s say you want to tap into the South American market with a chat app. Using Top Charts, you can now see the top-ranked apps across Google Play in the Social category in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and more. This will allow you to see the types of apps that are already finding success in the regions that you are interested in.

peru top social google playThe state of apps in the Social category in Peru on Google Play.

See What Business Model is Being Used in a Country of Interest

You can also look at the top grossing apps in each of the countries that you are interested in and see what type of business models are driving success in that market. Top Charts lets you filter your view with a free/paid toggle, as you can see in the image above. You can use this to highlight all free or paid apps, so you can grasp each type in one quick glance. Also, all apps that offer in-app purchases are flagged with a dollar sign, so you can quickly understand how frequently top apps in your region of interest are using in-app purchases as a model for revenue. Knowing this information will allow you to be strategic about your app business as you ramp up towards launching in new countries.

croatia top overall google playSee the top overall trending apps in Croatia on Google Play.

The use cases are endless. The new countries have invaluable trends waiting to be uncovered. The best way to discover them is to see for yourself by exploring Store Stats.



Look below for a complete list of all the countries that we added:

Colombia Dominican Republic Latvia
Kazakhstan Iran Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pakistan Oman Kyrgyzstan
Iraq Bolivia Paraguay
Peru Qatar Moldova
Morocco Nigeria Nepal
Belarus El Salvador Tanzania
Algeria Cambodia Bahrain
Venezuela Panama Ghana
Azerbaijan Lithuania Kenya
Ecuador Tunisia Slovenia
Jordan Croatia Armenia
Costa Rica Jamaica Uzbekistan
Lebanon Sri Lanka Trinidad and Tobago
Bangladesh Honduras Macedonia
Guatemala Puerto Rico Yemen
Serbia Uruguay

March 9, 2015 Connect News

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