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Developer Spotlight: App Annie ASO Keyword Tools Tutorial With HowToMakeMobileGames

App store optimization (ASO) -- the app store equivalent of search engine optimization (SEO) -- is a topic on the top of every developer and app marketer’s mind. With millions of apps competing for users’ eyes, fierce competition for high store rankings, and huge revenues at stake for getting ASO right, everyone is trying to learn more about it. Developers everywhere are hunting down tools and tutorials to help them optimize their app marketing. That’s the reason we spearheaded ASO with Keyword Ranks and “Keywords / ASO” (available on every app details page for logged-in users) to help track keywords and app store search rankings.

Our community never ceases to amaze us with clever and useful tutorials. So we’re here to spotlight a great introductory video to our ASO tool that will help you take full advantage of all the features that we’ve built.

Sometimes It Helps to See How It’s Done

About a month ago, we discovered a YouTube tutorial by Martin Finch of that got our attention. The video introduces our ASO tool and gives awesome strategies for tracking and optimizing keywords. See Martin’s tutorial below:

If you can’t watch the whole video right now, here’s what Martin covers:

  • How to enter your own custom keywords
  • How keyword rank tracking works
  • Advice on correlating keyword ranks with marketing initiatives
  • How keyword tracking behaves for iOS and Google Play (it’s different!)
  • Tips on using App Annie’s suggested keywords versus your own
  • What it means to “pin” keywords, how many you can pin, how our tool suggests keywords, and much more

Martin covers a range of developer hacks, strategies and tactics on his website and channel. You can see how he’s tackling ASO optimization for his latest game, SniperXXX, there as well.

sniperxxx-app-screenshotFollow along as Martin applies ASO tactics to his studio’s newest app, SniperXXX. Keep up with his dev journey via his forums and App Annie’s tools.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Martin’s video is a great introduction to our free ASO tools, but there’s much more. Our tool is for developers who are tired of paying for expensive tools, track all this data manually or simply don’t know how to start optimizing their keywords for better discoverability. Here’s a comprehensive list of things you can do:

Your One-Stop Keyword Research Tool

  • See the top apps for any keyword on iOS or Google Play, filterable by country and date
  • Track keyword rank over time (days, weeks or months)
  • Explore the apps displayed on iOS and Google Play for search terms you define
  • Curate your own private keywords
  • See trending keywords for any language

Get an Edge on Your Competitors

  • Identify and analyze competitors’ highest ranked search terms
  • Pinpoint competitors’ specific keywords

Take Full Advantage of Trends

  • See which keywords are trending at any given time
  • Get the top ranked keywords for any app on iPhone, iPad or Google Play

These tools are free for registered users. Signing up only takes a minute, and you don’t even need an app to do it (in case you’re just scoping out the landscape).

If you want more industry insights and spotlights, head over to our blog. We’ve interviewed top ad platforms and superstar app marketers, and each month features App Annie Index reports so you can see trends impacting the industry. Leave your questions and comments below or on Twitter -- we’re listening.

October 23, 2014

App Store Optimization
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