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How to Maximize Ad Revenue Like Ubisoft

Angelica Valentine

Tune in to learn how Ubisoft's Alexis Rosa is able to maximize ad revenue and get the most value from their partners with the help of App Annie Ascend.

Last week we presented a webinar called Solving the AdTech Data Challenge: How Ubisoft Leverages Data to Maximize Ad Revenue. Our General Manager of Analytics, Ron Thomas, was in conversation with Ubisoft’s Alexis Rosa, Ad Monetization Specialist, and discussed monetization challenges, as well as how to make mobile ad tech data actionable.

As a major player in the gaming space, Ubisoft needed to make sure every ad impression was sold at the right price. However, they were managing all of this in multiple Excel sheets for each game. As they introduced new games, additional layers of complexity compounded, leaving a lot of room for error - not to mention spending too much time gathering the data and figuring out where to focus, instead of being able to step back and determine if their current strategy was the right strategy. 

While Ubisoft wanted to maximize ad revenue, they lacked the tools to do so. That is until they started using App Annie Ascend to aggregate their data. With the help of this partnership, Ubisoft is now able to: 

  • Enjoy 7-10 times faster waterfall optimization 
  • Make decisions based on centralized data that the entire Ubisoft team can agree on 
  • Add accountability across the organization because multiple people can understand key metrics in order to improve their workflow
  • Track core KPIs over time to validate the effectiveness of their current strategy 

About Ubisoft 

Ubisoft handles more than 100 million ad impressions monthly over 10+ titles. In order to maximize yield, they partner with multiple mediation platforms and ad networks. They use App Annie Ascend on a daily basis to help them optimize results, and ensure they get the most value from their ad monetization stack.

Tune in below to learn how Ubisoft is able to maximize ad revenue and get the most value from their partners.

Learn more about App Annie Ascend, and request a 14-day free trial here.

February 20, 2020

App Monetization

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