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With 4 insightful courses, we’re sharing insights, tips and tricks on today’s challenges and opportunities in programmatic advertising and publisher monetization.

In the peak of the programmatic age and under the global pandemic, publishers are facing a number of challenges on ad monetization. App Annie is excited to present a new and exciting ad monetization education series to help you. In this program, we will focus on the pressing trends on ad monetization and unlock the data performance potential that is affecting the publishing industry.

With 4 insightful courses on September 15, 17, 22 and 24, we’re sharing insights, tips and tricks on today’s challenges and opportunities in programmatic advertising and publisher monetization. Whether you’re starting to monetize, or have been deeply embedded in the monetization landscape over the last few years, this series will refresh your skill sets and help you to evolve your strategy and take advantage of recent trends.

You only need to sign up once and be enrolled in all 4 courses and 11 lessons. Read below what you will learn from leading experts and practitioners across programmatic advertising, marketing technology, and publishing in the region.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 - Ad Monetization in a Programmatic World

10:00am SGT - The Changing Landscape of Publisher Monetization

Advertising technology has greatly evolved over the past decade and publisher monetization has correspondingly benefited from the growth of programmatic advertising. While the promise of data-led solutions and targeting has prompted this growth, the industry is now facing greater challenges in a privacy-first era. However, with any challenges comes new opportunities and innovations.
In this session, we’ll cover

  • A look back at the evolutions in programmatic advertising
  • Key issues impacting programmatic and what the future holds
  • What is the outlook for publishers beyond the walled gardens?

10:30am SGT - Global Perspective on the State of Ad Monetization - Seizing the Programmatic Opportunity

Publishers are faced with new challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing programmatic landscape as well as global market uncertainty. Leaders from Xandr, Index Exchange and OpenX will discuss:

  • How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted programmatic publishers in APAC?
  • Existing challenges for adoption of programmatic ad monetization in different markets.
  • Strategies a major publisher took to go 100% programmatic.
  • How should publishers capitalize on the ad tech industry’s trend towards transparency?
  • How would a cookie-less world affect the programmatic ecosystem?

14:00pm SGT - Navigating the Digital Medium - SCMP's Monetization Journey

Over the past years, media publishing has been hit with an onslaught of technological innovations which has brought about both opportunities and challenges. No publisher is more familiar with how to innovate and tackle these challenging conditions than South China Morning Post. Over the past year, it has navigated through Hong Kong's civil unrest to the global COVID pandemic, to advertising cutbacks and increasing platform restrictions on targeted advertising - all while embracing and transforming the company to the digital medium.
In this session, Ian Hocking, VP of Digital at SCMP will cover:

  • SCMP's journey in programmatic and lessons learned along the way
  • Trends in digital advertising
  • How will advertising-led business models evolve for digital publishers

If that sounds interesting to you, please request an invite to attend at this link.


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 -  Driving Value through Transparency & Measurement

10:00am SGT - Strategies for Yield Optimization

Publisher yield management is becoming more technical and analytics driven than ever before. To adapt to the ever changing business and regulatory environment, publishers must be agile and stay on top of the latest technological trends and be well versed in the toolkits available to optimize the business
In this session, Lashanne Phang from PubMatic will delve into:

  • Building a process for yield optimization within your organization
  • Using of programmatic data and analytics to achieve actionable insights
  • Best practices to boost your open market revenue

14:00pm SGT - The Path to Transparency: Navigating Brand Safety

Joe Nguyen, Strategic Advisor from Trustworthy Accountability Group, comes with senior management professional experience in the online sector particularly measurement, analytics, eCommerce and SaaS solutions. In this session, Joe will guide audience deep into:

  • Breakdown of the components of brand safety and other “table stakes”.
  • Understand BAV metrics in order to better monetize brand-suitable content while de-prioritizing content and traffic that advertisers want to avoid.
  • Measurement of these metrics shows publishers care about the success of advertisers' engagement strategies in a highly every evolving advertising market.

If that sounds interesting to you, please request an invite to attend at this link.


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 - Making Sense of Programmatic Capabilities  

10:00am SGT - Optimizing Mobile: Driving Brand Dollars and Maximizing Monetization

Mobile has become the channel of choice for consuming content. Nowhere is this more true than in the Asia-Pacific region. As consumers flocked to mobile devices, so is advertising spend as brands seek to tap into the attention of their sought after audiences.
In this MoPub session, Genelle Hung, Demand Lead and Boram Ku, Head of Korea, will sit together to share:

  • Mobile advertising maturing beyond performance dollars
  • Driving more brand spend on mobile & optimizing between open exchange and PMP
  • Strategies for optimizing yield on mobile

14:00pm SGT - Navigating the Header Bidding & Mediation Landscape

Header bidding is a more advanced programmatic bidding technique that has enabled publishers to gain access to more demand sources to compete for a single impression. While this technique has generally been well adopted by web publishers, the implementation on mobile apps is more complex. In this session, we’ll demystify some of the concepts around header bidding, waterfall, and mediation in both a web and app environment and share some of the best practices on how publishers can make most effective use of the technologies to optimize their business.

  • Pros and cons of various bidding solutions including Pre-Bid, Open Bidding, and Mediation
  • How to navigate between waterfall and header-bidding hybrid model?
  • Things to consider when implementing various bidding strategies for both a web and mobile environment

15:30pm SGT - What is "Identity" in a Cookie-less and IDFA Free World

The evolution of digital privacy has accelerated over the last few years and the digital ecosystem has continued to evolve into a privacy-first model. The eventual removal of 3rd party cookies and the announcement of iOS 14 to limit IDFA tracking are wins for user privacy, but poses significant near term disruptions to the overall ad tech, ad driven publisher ecosystems, and the open internet in general.
Frederic Jouve, Managing Director Asia Pacific of LiveRamp and Adele Wieser, Regional Managing Director of APAC of Index Exchange will discuss:

  • What is at stake for publishers?
  • A look into solutions for privacy-based identity solutions that can be trusted by consumers
  • How have such solutions been implemented in market so far?

If that sounds interesting to you, please request an invite to attend at this link.


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 - Optimizing Your Monetization Mix  

10:00am SGT - Balancing UX and Monetization in Gaming

Games have seen a surge in engagement during the Covid period, and it’s one of the bright spots in advertising during this pandemic For gaming publishers, it’s often a tricky balance between user experience and how users are exposed to advertisements. Media Prima who is one of the leading publishers in Malaysia for content, games and esport is no stranger to this. Nicholas Sagau, General Manager speaks on their experience in getting there, including:

  • What are the different monetization options emerging in gaming
  • How to choose the right business model so that UX considerations and revenue generation can be aligned
  • How to identify when ads should surface at the key moments in the gameplay

14:00pm SGT - How Top Publishers Win on Ad Monetization and UX

With the likes of eBay, Walmart, Alibaba, and Amazon, ecommerce is challenging traditional open web publishers for ad spend. Armed with rich first-party data and user relationships, ecommerce companies may have a leg up on harnessing data to balance the mix between monetization and preserving user experience of its core asset.
JJ Eastwood, Managing Director of Advertising & Merchant Service, takes us inside how Carousell is addressing these challenges.

  • How Carousell has evolved from its core marketplace business to expansion into advertising
  • Learnings from its ad monetization journey
  • Tools and metrics to measure the interaction of ads on user engagement and retention

15:30pm SGT - How to Set Up and Diversify Your Network Mix for Success

With private marketplaces, brand safety and improved detection of viewability and fraud, brands are using programmatic buying to target and address consumers more strategically through their entire path to purchase. Akaena, Senior Adviser Solutions Manager of Verve Group will provide insights on how to diversify the advertising networks to scale rapidly and provide high-quality traffic volumes to connect with new demand partners to meet the desired KPI.

  • Learn what is needed to complement networks with programmatic
  • How to diversify beyond Google and Facebook
  • Uncovering the right ad formats

If that sounds interesting to you, please request an invite to attend at this link.

We’re excited to bring together leading monetization minds across the APAC region to help you uplevel your revenue generation strategy. Sign up today and get certified as an ad monetization expert!

September 10, 2020

App Monetization

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