MoPub Enhances Curated Inventory Partnership with App Annie

Bertrand Salord

MoPub has enhanced a partnership with App Annie to create high quality inventory packages for advertisers

We announced a unique partnership with MoPub, a Twitter company in November 2019, to begin a pilot for curating packages of premium, in-app inventory powered by App Annie’s robust mobile insights and market data estimates. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that these mobile insights and market data estimates now power a new set of curated inventory offerings: MoPub Inventory Packages powered by App Annie. These packages empower marketers to target inventory based on trends in the iOS and Google Play stores. 

With insights from App Annie, MoPub can create Inventory Packages that identify mobile app supply inventory based on consumer recognition of mobile apps. MoPub Inventory Packages can also help advertisers tap into top apps classified by in-app revenue; apps curated by age, gender, and regions of users; and by leading categories such as Entertainment, Sports, News, or Lifestyle.

This innovative solution gives demand side platforms (DSPs), marketers, and agencies confidence that ads are solely delivered to high-quality apps. Using manual and time-consuming processes or mediated whitelists to decide which apps pair best with a brand or agency is now a thing of the past.

MoPub Inventory iOS

Learn more about the partnership on the MoPub blog here

May 11, 2020 News

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