Inside Our Commitment to Customer Experience Excellence

From customer support to market education and professional services, we’re dedicated to helping make our customers successful

The customer comes first.

It’s one of the oldest adages in business, and for a good reason. From Google to Coca-Cola, Amazon to McDonald’s and over 900 others, we’re proud to count many of the world’s leading brands and companies as customers — and we know that our success hinges on our ability to make them successful.

At App Annie, we don’t just stop at delivering the industry’s most trusted data and platform. We need to also ensure that our customers get the most from their investment in us. That’s why we’ve been so focused on providing best-in-class customer experiences. We’re excited to highlight our full range of support and expertise, including:

  • Global Support: 15 global offices working in 7 languages help ensure problems are resolved quickly.
  • Global Customer Success: Local expertise across verticals and markets empowers you to meet your goals.
  • Professional Services: Our team helps solve business challenges by providing customized data analysis and more.
  • Research and Reports: Industry-leading content that delivers insights into mobile app trends and business best practices.
  • App Annie Academy: On-demand mobile education resources to help you and your app business thrive.
  • Events and Community: We host and speak at numerous events to connect with our customers and build community.

We’ve made an ongoing commitment to not only provide our customers with the deeply reliable and accurate information they need to make sound decisions, but to also help them translate those insights into actions that truly move the needle for their app and their business.

For more details on the expert services we offer and to take advantage of those services for your business, visit our customer experience page now. Thank you.


April 4, 2018 News

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