App Annie Ascend: Unlock Advertising Analytics

Ron Thomas - GM, Analytics

Unlock Digital Advertising & Monetization Analytics with App Annie Ascend

Brands and publishers attempt to optimize ad revenue and user acquisition with fragmented data sources from both demand and supply side advertising. Today, this is done with heavy reliance upon agencies, IT and large internal teams instead of focusing on driving value for their consumers. Digital performance requires a single point of control that unifies all advertising data sources for clear line of sight to ROI. This requires illumination for mission critical metrics like customer acquisition costs, lifetime value and return on ad spend.

App Annie Ascend aggregates all these disparate data sets into one organized system, and takes the cost and complexity out of the equation. With over 400 data connections, advanced normalization and dashboards, App Annie Ascend is here to guide you towards an accelerated path to growth and profit.

We are proud to be the first company to offer a side-by-side view of both market data and your own analytics to maximize ROI. App Annie Ascend enables publishers and brands across the globe to easily aggregate disparate advertising data sources, assemble them into a single view and drive actionable insights. We are already helping companies such as Zynga, Reddit, Jam City, Imgur and more.

The advertising industry has been charging towards a privacy-first approach as the reliance on insights from IDFA and cookie measurement evolves constantly. App Annie is future-proofing advertising analysis by elevating aggregate metrics, market insights and data science modeling to bring a new era of contextual strategy to the modern marketing leader.

We’ll be hosting live demos of App Annie Ascend, register today!


July 14, 2020 News

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