10 New Partners to Help You Track Your Mobile Advertising Performance

A highly successful mobile advertising strategy leverages several ad networks to manage ad inventory and acquire users across channels. Today, we’re excited to announce we’ve added 10 new advertising network partnerships to our growing list. Among these additions includes Yahoo Gemini, Leadbolt, MobileCore and Aarki.

With Advertising Analytics now supporting over 35 advertising platforms  including Facebook, AdMob, InMobi, Chartboost, Tapjoy and AdColony — it’s free and easy to find a complete picture of your advertising performance. Additionally, Advertising Analytics helps you to efficiently build a better app business by saving you tons of time pulling data, so you can focus on honing your user acquisition and ad monetization strategies.

Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for app marketing and the channel of choice among top-grossing publishers — in fact 96% of publishers turn to the platform for mobile user acquisition, according to a study from AdColony. That’s why we’re also excited to share that we’ve made it easier to connect Facebook campaigns to Advertising Analytics. Previously, users running multiple campaigns would need to manually link each app to a specific campaign. This was an incredibly time-consuming process, particularly for Facebook’s large network.

For all new Facebook connections, we will now automatically link your campaigns to their respective apps1. With this update, you can immediately view metrics for each campaign right in the dashboard and  increase the efficiency of your marketing and user acquisition planning. Rapid insights mean more time for you to focus on building your app business.


A guided tour of the App Annie Analytics dashboard.

With Advertising Analytics, you can track the performance of your ad platforms by looking at eCPM, impressions, ad revenue and spend to discover how to optimize your app advertising strategy. This will help answer key questions such as:

  • How many impressions have been shown within my apps? How has this affected revenue?
  • Which ad network costs the most — and are they delivering installs?
  • How much revenue is each app in my portfolio earning from paid downloads, in-app purchases and in-app advertising?

It’s never been easier to find the answers you need to efficiently understand and manage your advertising strategy. Connect to Advertising Analytics today.

1 Older campaigns may not support auto-linking

February 3, 2016 News
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