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Insights Recap: The Latest on Generative ai Apps and How Peacock’s NFL Exclusive Has Played Out

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Insights Newsletter Recap: Health & Fitness Apps Surge, OTT Starts 2024 Strong and Team Battle RPG Towers Above Other Gaming Subgenres

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2024 State of Mobile: Breakout Markets Including South Korea, Turkey and Brazil Grew App Spending by More Than 25%

See which markets added the most downloads, revenue and time spent last year — and which of those grew the greatest from 2022.

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Genshin Impact Summons $5 Billion in Mobile Consumer Spending Faster Than Any Previous Game

miHoYo’s open world RPG remains a major draw three years after its groundbreaking release.

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2024 State of Mobile: Revealing Last Year’s Breakout Gaming Subgenres

Some genres came up short compared with 2022, but these added billions of dollars and downloads in 2023 to put their performance the year before to shame. Plus, genre-level market share for revenue and downloads.

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December 2023: Netflix's Launch of Grand Theft Auto Remastered Editions Dominates December's Mobile App Rankings

Remastered mobile versions of the beloved video game series trigger surge in App Store traffic, fueling December's downloads growth

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2024 State of Mobile: Daily App Use Ticks Past 5 Hours, Driven by AI’s Rapid Expansion

Consumers in mobile-first countries spend 5 hours a day on average in apps, with AI chatbots leading a new wave of growth.

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2024 State of Mobile: The App Market Bounced Back in 2023 and is Primed for a Record-Breaking 2024’s annual report highlights the latest trends on mobile, from how TikTok and Threads are changing the social app landscape to the resurgence of mobile gaming spend.