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Mobile Users In Two Regions Now Spend 5.7 Hours A Day In Apps

New research reveals the total dominance of the mobile lifestyle in Indonesia and Singapore – and reports that users in 13 regions now commit more than 4 hours a day to apps

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Health is Hot This Summer

Get on 2022's Summer Wellness trend with App IQ’s enhanced Health & Fitness taxonomy and new subgenres.

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Mobile Minute: Average Time Spent Per User in Pet-Related Apps Saw A 75% Increase in Q1 2022 from Q1 2021’s mobile data reveals pet adoption at an all-time high since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic

Market Data

State of Mobile 2022: Market Spotlight on Middle East & North Africa Report

New data from confirms MENA is a rapidly growing market on mobile across many key verticals – with consumer spend up +110% in live streaming apps and +45% in gaming apps YoY.

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Fast Food is Getting Faster: Downloads of Ultrafast Food & Drink Delivery Apps Surge by 266% in a Year’s new report reveals speedy delivery is among the most dynamic sector in the Food & Drink app space, with sessions up 214% to 1.8 billion in Q1 2022

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The Mobile Trends That Occurred During Ramadan 2022’s latest analysis shows consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Pakistan complemented Ramadan retail sales with Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) and Coupons & Rewards apps

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Gaming Deep Dive Part 2: How Army Commander Took Advantage of the Unserved 'Hypercasual Military' Market

Lion Studios' Army Commander may be a hypercasual game, but it has much in common with militaristic 'core' titles. Is this the key to its extraordinary success?

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Gaming Deep Dive Part 1: How Army Commander Flipped the Hypercasual Script and Found In-App Purchase Monetization Success

Traditionally, hypercasual gaming is not a genre for premium income through the app stores. These titles are supposed to make all their money from advertising, right? Well, Lion Studios' Army Commander might just have changed the model.

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State of Mobile 2022: Market Spotlight on Mexico Report

New data from confirms Mexico is a rapidly growing market on mobile across many key verticals – up +77% consumer spend in entertainment apps and +74% downloads in finance apps YoY.