The State of Anime Gaming in 2022

The State of Anime Gaming in 2022

Anime Game Audiences Accounted for $1 of every $5 spent through the app stores on mobile games in 2021, yet global usage penetration was <3%.’s State of Anime Gaming Report leverages Game IQ Feature tags to dive deep to unearth the growing demand for anime art style in mobile games — a niche but powerfully engaged audience with a propensity to spend.
Download the report to uncover market sizing, user preferences and demographic breakdowns you need to succeed in this rapidly growing sector of gaming, including:

  • The size and scale of anime art style in games — how to build your strategy around high-growth markets
  • Uncover which subgenres and IPs perform best in top markets to tap into an audience with an appetite for in-game spending
  • Which games are topping the charts how breakout anime-themed games are redefining the mobile gaming landscape and how to can succeed
  • User preferences and demographic trends — how Game IQ’s feature tags, demographic and cross-app usage data help to understand user characteristics and fuel better User Acquisition re-engagement and monetization strategies
  • And more!
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