2024 SOM Gaming Report

Gaming remains the powerhouse of mobile spending, accounting for a staggering $107.3 billion last year – nearly 63% of consumer expenditure in app stores. The landscape of mobile gaming is ever-changing, and our new State of Mobile Gaming 2024 report unravels the secrets behind its success.

Topics in the report include:

  • Established Games that Dominated: Fewer new releases, longer life cycles, with spending on new titles rising in key markets.
  • Age and Gender Influenced Genres: Younger gamers prefer sandbox, racing, and RPGs; older demographics favor solitaire, match 3, and slots.
  • Mixed Landscape in 2023: Despite a 2% decline in spend to $107.3 billion, successes like Monopoly GO and Genshin Impact coexist with surprise hits like Gacha Life 2 and Eggy Party.
  • Global Publishers Expansion: China-based publishers capture a third of global revenue, expanding into markets like Japan and the US with quality production and localization.
  • Evolving Genres Reshaped: Hypercasual dominance, innovative genres like Avatar Life, and strong monetization in strategy and RPGs signal a dynamic shift.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the numbers:

Explore the findings that reveal which subgenres of games added billions in revenue and downloads in 2023 and discover why the demand for games is at an all-time high, despite cooling spend on in-game purchases. Download our comprehensive report now and stay ahead in the dynamic world of mobile gaming!

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